Product Snapshot: Workflows

In the fast-paced marketing world, personalized, multi-channel campaigns are essential. But marketers often face challenges coordinating actions across platforms, leading to time-consuming tasks and potential burnout. Watch a 3-min demo below

Workflows: Your Ultimate Marketing Automation Tool

Trust us, Workflows is going to transform the way you do ABM. As a key part of RollWorks' orchestration capabilities, Workflows automates multi-channel programs within your MarTech stack, enabling cohesive, cross-platform sales plays and marketing campaigns at scale.

  • Maximize resources & target effectively: Engage decision-makers throughout their journey using targeted touchpoints, dynamically triggered by real-time buying behavior.
  • Unparalleled buyer insights: RollWorks offers deep buyer insights at account and contact levels, allowing you to trigger actions using criteria other platforms just can't match.
  • Efficiency like never before: Forget about switching between platforms. Automate cross-channel workstreams within RollWorks, speeding up the buyer journey and reducing errors.
  • Custom or ready-made Workflows: Choose from four templates or create your Workflow from scratch. 

Let Workflows manage repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on those strategic, game-changing initiatives.

Want to know more? Request a demo today or reach out to your Account Manager.
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