Product Snapshot: Sales Insights for HubSpot

RollWorks Sales Insights for HubSpot helps sales teams identify spiking accounts by using an advanced data science model to uncover signals of an account’s engagement with your website and ads. With Sales Insights for HubSpot, B2B companies of any size can access insights around engaged accounts directly within HubSpot CRM and daily email alerts.

Sales Insights for HubSpot can help you:

  • Alert sales when accounts are actively engaging with your website and ads.
  • Prioritize and personalize outreach with contact-level details such as who was the engaging contact and what engagement actions took place.
  • Gain visibility into marketing and sales touches throughout the account journey and prove the impact of ABM programs on sales.
  • Build HubSpot workflows to nurture engaged accounts and target leads that are most likely to convert.
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Product Snapshot: Sales Insights
Product Snapshot: Sales Insights

Leverage the right tools to alert sales when an account is engaging with your company.

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