Product Snapshot: RollWorks Advertising

With access to over 90%+ of internet users across 2 million+ advertising publisher websites in addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, RollWorks’ Display Advertising allows you to accurately reach more high-fit prospects and customers online. And, unlike other ABM vendors, we have our own proprietary DSP (demand side platform), which allows us to optimize our bidding algorithms and deliver cost-effective reach and engagement.

Using RollWorks’ Display Advertising you can:

  • ID target audiences by using Machine Learning to combine fit, engagement, and intent data
  • Target specific lists of high value accounts or contacts or re-engage high fit site visitors
  • Dynamically personalize your ads at scale based on buyer’s journey stage changes
  • Demonstrate BoFu impact and optimize performance using in-platform reporting
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Product Snapshot: Keyword Intent
Product Snapshot: Keyword Intent

With RollWorks Keyword Intent, track intent signals and unlock more ways to utilize keyword intent data.

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Product Snapshot: Contact Insights & Sales Engagement
Product Snapshot: Contact Insights & Sales Engagement

RollWorks Contact Insights provide sales teams with contact-level data in a single source of truth.

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