RollWorks Pricing

Packages that make the RollWorks Account-Based Platform accessible to all marketing and sales teams





Embark on your account-based journey at an affordable price


Prioritize who to reach with account scoring and intent data


Expand your reach with best-fit account suggestions and wider intent signals


Maximize opportunity and revenue influence with utmost flexibility and scale


Account list creation

1 TAL* 2 TALs* 4 TALs* 8 TALs*

ICP insights

Accounts from search

Account groups

Account scoring

Account intent

More topics, more accounts More topics, more accounts Even more topics, even more accounts

Account suggestions

More accounts

Site visitor API



Account targeting

Contact targeting

Account targeting + personalization

Contact targeting + personalization


Ad campaign performance

Account-based dashboard

*TAL(s) = Target Account List


  • Site Visitor API
  • Sales Insights
  • Contact Data
  • Sales Automation
  • LinkedIn Connector


  • Salesforce Bi-directional
  • Marketo Bi-directional
  • HubSpot Bi-directional
  • Google Analytics

Service Plans

Email and chat support (M-F 9-5PT)

Self-serve knowledge base

Free static ad creative

Up to 2 ad sets/qtr Up to 3 ad sets/qtr Up to 5 ad sets/qtr Up to 5 ad sets/qtr

Account support

Named Point of Contact Account Manager Account Manager Account Manager

Onboarding and training

Standard Standard Standard Standard

ABM strategy and guidance

Program review every 6 months Program review every 3 months Program review every 3 months

ABM execution services

2 hrs per month 4 hrs per month 6 hrs/month and creative design services
Shape Ribbon

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