RollWorks Pricing

Packages that make the RollWorks Account-Based Marketing Platform accessible to all marketing and sales teams





Embark on your account-based journey at an affordable price


Prioritize who to reach with account scoring and intent data


Expand your reach with best-fit account suggestions and wider intent signals


Maximize opportunity and revenue influence with utmost flexibility and scale


Account list builder

ICP insights

Account groups

Account scoring models

1 ICP model2 ICP models4 ICP models8 ICP models

Account intent

5 TopicsMore topics, more accountsMore topics, more accountsEven more topics, more accounts

Account news

Account suggestions

Site visitor API

Sales insights

5 seatsMore seatsMore seatsMore seats



Account targeting

Contact targeting

Account targeting + personalization

Contact targeting + personalization

LinkedIn connector


Ad campaign performance

Account-based dashboard

Journey stages

Journey events


  • Additional Insights Seats
  • Contact Data
  • Sales Automation

Service Plans

Email and chat support (M-F 9-5PT)

Self-serve knowledge base

Account support

Named Point of ContactAccount ManagerAccount ManagerAccount Manager

Onboarding and training


ABM strategy and guidance

Program review every 6 monthsProgram review every 3 monthsProgram review every 3 months

ABM execution services

2 hrs per month4 hrs per month6 hrs/month and creative design services

Free static ad creative

Up to 2 ad sets/qtrUp to 3 ad sets/qtrUp to 5 ad sets/qtrUp to 10 ad sets/qtr

HTML5 animated Ads

Up to 2 ad sets/qtrUp to 5 ad sets/qtrUp to 10 ad sets/qtr

HTML5 in banner Video

Up to 1 ad sets/qtrUp to 3 ad sets/qtr

Personalized Ads

Up to 1 ad sets/qtrUp to 2 ad sets/qtr
Shape Ribbon

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