Accelerate sales by transforming prospects into customers with data-driven precision and actionable intelligence.

Streamline Your Sales Strategy with Account Visualization & Marketing Alignment

Now, more than ever, sales teams need the right tools to do their jobs more effectively. Leverage RollWorks’ unified account-based approach to book more meetings, create more opportunities, and close more deals fast.


Move in lock-step with your marketing team to hit your goals.

  • Minimize friction (and wasted time) by agreeing on a common set of best-fit accounts
  • Leverage sales funnel data, including that of your most successful current customers, to surface the shared attributes of your ideal customer profile (ICP) to inform or validate your account-based marketing strategy
  • Find pockets of success and share insight with your marketing team in real-time to further refine your approach
  • Leverage RollWorks data to identify more in-market, on-target accounts to pursue


Engage with the right buying committee, at the right time

  • Prioritize accounts for outreach through Sales Insights, which uses data science models to uncover signals of an account’s engagement with a your website and ads
  • Visualize account spike data and access contact-level engagement details directly within your CRM of choice (HubSpot or Salesforce)
  • Uncover contact-level insights like which unique site visitors caused a spike in engagement and what specific actions led to the spike


Maximize Engagement with Prospect Personalization.

  • Craft highly relevant outreach messages based on detailed insights into account activities and interests on your site.
  • Engage more effectively, accelerating sales cycles and opening opportunities with precision.
  • Track account progress with Journey Stages to figure out what’s working and course correct based on data.

How to Drive Sales with ABM

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Bringing in high-quality leads

See how SnapFulfil launcheds a sales-aligned ABM program that generated high-value leads, and drove 6% conversion to MQLs in 10 months

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State of Sales

What are the benefits of an ABM strategy for sales acceleration? RollWorks’ Senior Director of SDRs, Danilo Nikolich, discusses the state of ABM and why ABM is the key to sales acceleration.

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Derek Ries, Director of Marketing @ BetterCloud

By understanding your personas and layering on Tier’d approaches, you’re able to give scalable 1:1 online and offline experiences that break through the noise. Then you can focus on scalability of plays to Top Tier accounts to give users the experience that they deserve.

Derek Ries, Director of Marketing @ BetterCloud
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Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager

Our more advanced ABM strategy aligned marketing programs to sales priorities by syncing laser-targeted marketing air cover prioritized for outreach by the sales team.

Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager
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Mae Cadao, Marketing Manager

We leveraged RollWorks to reach as many of our priority accounts as possible, including 32 landing pages for high value enterprise accounts each with curated content that would resonate based on account intelligence.

Mae Cadao, Marketing Manager
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