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Find, understand, and reach your prospects with the best data and powerful AI

Drive awareness and engagement throughout the buying journey

Even if your product sells itself, if prospects don’t know about it, they can’t buy.

Drive awareness with the right accounts

Whether you have a product or sales led growth strategy, you need to figure the right accounts to target, find the right messaging that resonates with them, and reach them with that messaging, wherever they are. The RollWorks platform can help you determine and reach the specific accounts and buyers you care about.

  • Use machine learning to identify your ideal customer profile and score your target account list
  • Layer on Intent and Engagement signals to see which accounts are showing early readiness signals
  • Engage your target accounts with best-in-class advertising and cross-channel ABM campaigns to drive awareness and brand recognition
  • Uncover website visitor data to understand account behavior and inform programs and outreach
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Keep them coming back

Reach contacts at your accounts to keep your brand top of mind and drive them to the next stage of the buying journey with highly relevant ads

  • Reach the entire buying committee with highly relevant ads through account targeting
  • Serve highly personalized ads and ensure a seamless experience with consistent messaging across marketing touchpoints and sales outreach with contact targeting.
  • Reach 98% of high-intent site visitors who haven’t converted and drive free trial/freemium users to purchase with retargeting ads.

Actionable insights to refine your GTM motion

Understand how marketing and sales activites are driving account progression.

  • Track progression of your target accounts along their buying journey and see what activities are the most efficient at driving accounts forward so you can refine your programs and outreach.
  • Use account-level activity and engagement data to create stage based audiences and personalize programs that will drive accounts to closed-won.
  • Eliminate less effective activities to ensure that you’re getting the highest ROI.
Britt Davies, VP of Marketing.@ Goverlan

Things have changed since we started targeting accounts, as opposed to just contacts. We’re generating 40-50 demo requests a week thanks to this happy marriage between our inbound and ABM program.

Britt Davies, VP of Marketing.@ Goverlan
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Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM

We’re achieving a 50 percent new opportunity rate with existing customers we target with ABM.

Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM
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Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager

Our more advanced ABM strategy aligned marketing programs to sales priorities by syncing laser-targeted marketing air cover prioritized for outreach by the sales team.

Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager
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