Prove how your marketing drives closed opportunities with advanced analytics & account modeling.

Find and reach target accounts through every stage of the funnel

Surpass your revenue goals with precision – every single time

At RollWorks, our platform is designed to fuel your  account-based marketing strategies,  driving impactful outcomes for your business—whether you’re getting started with account-based marketing or eager to take your approach to the next level.


Funnel detailed B2B buyer insights into a single source of truth, targeting your ideal accounts.

  • Identify in-market accounts and buyers through fit-scoring, intent (RollWorks’ proprietary Account News and partnerships with G2 and Bombora), and by determining which accounts are engaged and spiking on engagement with your brand.
  • Match known contacts to the account and surface contacts that have not yet made themselves known to you.
  • De-anonymize website traffic with account data—including Journey Stages and Journey Events—to personalize and tailor content based on the prioritization of the account and where it is in the buying journey.
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Create—and capture—demand with the best combination of reach and performance.

  • Reach more of your buying committee by targeting known and unknown contacts and running automated multi-channel engagement programs across upper- and mid-funnel.
  • Prioritize more targeted accounts and opportunities by identifying in-market accounts and getting recommendations for net-new accounts, also in-market.
  • Achieve best-in-class advertising performance with RollWorks’ proprietary DSP infrastructure that uses machine learning to optimize budgets, reach, frequency and engagement.


Easily integrate RollWorks into your existing tech stack and ecosystem.

  • Customers can enhance the experience of the RollWorks platform by adding the RollWorks pixel, integrating with their CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot), or MAP (Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua.)
  • RollWorks amplifies account-based programs with a best-in-class partner ecosystem, supported by leading marketing technologies HubSpot, Bombora, G2, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Marketo, Opensense, and more.


Simplify your marketing strategy and focus your efforts on the accounts that drive your bottom line.

  • Connecting with your buyers shouldn’t be complicated. RollWork’s intuitive platform for account based marketing makes your most important tasks easy.
  • Don’t waste your time. Let RollWorks help you hone in on the accounts and activities that matter most for your bottom-line across marketing and sales teams.
    Simplify your advanced targeting and engagement on the platform that makes connecting your business with your buyers easy.
  • Explore why RollWorks gets best in class reviews on G2 for making an account based approach the easiest approach.
Britt Davies, VP of Marketing.@ Goverlan

Things have changed since we started targeting accounts, as opposed to just contacts. We’re generating 40-50 demo requests a week thanks to this happy marriage between our inbound and ABM program.

Britt Davies, VP of Marketing.@ Goverlan
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Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM

We’re achieving a 50 percent new opportunity rate with existing customers we target with ABM.

Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM
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Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager

Our more advanced ABM strategy aligned marketing programs to sales priorities by syncing laser-targeted marketing air cover prioritized for outreach by the sales team.

Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager
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