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A complete account-based marketing platform

Grow revenue confidently compared to other ABM vendors.

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Identify your ideal customer profile and target accounts.

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Engage your accounts (even without a target account list).

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Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs.

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Get a glimpse into the RollWorks account-based platform in this 90-second video. See how RollWorks can help you find your best-fit accounts, run cross-channel campaigns, and track everything—from reach to revenue.

Identification Solution

Find your best-fit accounts

Identify your ideal customer profile, target account lists, and key buyers. Use your data, combined with ours, to advance your account-based programs, validate targets, and uncover new opportunities:

  • ICP Insights—Become more account-based by defining your ICP using existing data.
  • Target Account Selection—Advance your account-based strategies by building a target account list.
  • Contact Selection—Reach the key decision makers at target accounts (and not those in unrelated roles).
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Engagement Solution

Run cross-channel campaigns

Engage high-fit accounts (even without a target account list) with advertising and SDR emails. Our solution can help you run lead-generation and highly targeted ABM programs:

  • Account-Based Ads—Pinpoint your audiences online and bring traffic to your site.
  • Retargeting Ads—Bring traffic back to your site for conversion. Layer in CRM and marketing automation data and reach the visitors you care about most.
  • Personalized Ads—Serve highly relevant ads with dynamic messages.
  • Sales Automation—Automate emails from your reps with triggered follow-ups to increase your connect rate.
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Measurement Solution

Track everything—from reach to revenue

Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs in our dash or directly within your CRM or marketing automation platform:

  • NEW: Journey Stages—Track progression of your target accounts along their buying journey and justify your spend.
  • Account-Based Dashboard—Show off the revenue influenced by your ABM advertising programs with one simple dashboard.
  • Campaign Analytics—View spend, reach, impressions, clicks and more to know what’s working with your ABM ads.
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Connectors—See performance data directly in Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot.
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