Captivate your target accounts

Engage high-fit accounts with cross-channel ABM campaigns.

Orchestrate account-based campaigns

Grow revenue quickly by reaching and influencing your best-fit accounts, no matter where they are.


Reach contacts and get them to close—wherever they are online

  • Account Targeting—Reach buyers on your target account list (TAL)—and those that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Contact Targeting—Serve highly relevant ads with consistent messaging across sales and marketing synced to CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP) data.
  • Retargeting—Reach the 98% of high-intent site visitors who haven’t converted with retargeting ads.

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Drive engagement with personalized content experiences

Take your account-based strategy to the next level with personalized landing pages and content experiences. Integrate RollWorks with a web personalization platform so your messaging will hit home—from pre-click to post-click. We partner with Folloze, Hushly, and Uberflip.

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Accelerate pipeline by sending gifts

Whether it’s a swag box or an e-gift, personal touches and rewards will build momentum with your target accounts. Use our integrations to send the right gift at the right time. We partner with Alyce, PFL, and Sendoso.

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Get sales and marketing working in lock step

Integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot to sync information bidirectionally. Ensure message consistency linked to role, account name, lead score, opportunity stage, and more.

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Unify messages across display & email

Email is one of our most powerful channels in B2B, and with email signature ads, marketers can get the right message and promotions in front of the right buyers. Use the RollWorks & OpenSense integration to make every impression count. 

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Convert more leads faster by coordinating marketing and sales

Sales Automation—Automate personalized email outreach for key decision makers. Follow-up emails are triggered based on engagement so sales reps can focus on the contacts who are ready to talk. Layer personalized ads with SDR outreach to book more appointments.

We use the RollWorks database to find additional best-fit accounts, and then we automate the activation of these newly discovered high-priority accounts on LinkedIn.

Mae Cadao, Marketing Manager

We leveraged RollWorks to reach as many of our priority accounts as possible, including 32 landing pages for high value enterprise accounts each with curated content that would resonate based on account intelligence.

Mae Cadao, Marketing Manager
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