Account-Based Marketing

Efficient, High Quality Revenue Growth with Ease

Easily pinpoint and engage with high-value accounts at the right time, ensuring your marketing efforts are laser-focused on opportunities with the most significant revenue potential.

Unlock the Power of
Account-Based Intelligence

Capture Hidden Demand

Identify Accounts and Contacts on your Website

RollWorks enables efficient revenue growth by identifying anonymous purchasers, analyzing their actions, and guiding you to interact with those with the highest likelihood of making a purchase.

Uncover Early Buying Intent

Catch on to Opportunities Early with Keyword Intent

RollWorks Keyword Intent data helps you align your go-to-market teams on the accounts showing early buying signals. Proactively target and engage with accounts before your competitors do. Only 3% of prospects will ever fill out a form. Reach them regardless.

Focus on the Best Accounts

Fit Scoring Illuminates the Accounts you Value Most

Combine buying signals with Account Fit Scoring to focus on the highest value accounts that fit your ICP, at the right time. Rely on industry best-practices in using firmographic, technographic, and CRM data to make decisions.

Right Fit, Right Time, Right Action

Remove Data Silos and get the Full Buyer Journey in one View

Get a 360 picture of where accounts you care about are within your unique buying journey at any given time. Combine all signals into one easy-to-use dashboard to build your strategies and get recommendations for accounts that need engagement.

Seamlessly Transform B2B Insights into Engagement

RollWorks is more than an ABM platform — we’re your strategic partner in streamlining go-to-market execution, aligning marketing and sales, and scaling your ABM efforts

Save Time with Workflows

Automate Account and Contact Operations at the Best Moment

With RollWorks, navigating cross-channel marketing becomes a breeze. With seamless integrations with your CRM and MAP, you can combine your first-party data with our proprietary insights like site visitors, intent, journey stages and more to push hot contacts and accounts to your various marketing and sales channels, automatically. 
Never miss a beat.

Target your Accounts, Anywhere

Reach your Target Accounts with Precision B2B Advertising

Achieve best-in-class advertising performance with RollWorks’ proprietary DSP infrastructure that uses machine learning to optimize budgets, reach, frequency and engagement. Our simple yet powerful campaign builder, known as the Account Targeting Playbook, helps you follow best practices for serving the right message at the right time, moving your accounts down the funnel.

Powerful Sales Insights

Give your Sales Team More At-Bats

Our advanced data science model reveals when accounts are Spiking in engagement and automatically emails sales reps when accounts they own are Spiking and showing buying interest. Account Spike Data will appear in Salesforce or HubSpot CRM so it’s visible and available for use by your revenue teams. Sales Insights helps with new customer funnel progression, as well as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Hear From Our Customers

Malachi Threadgill, VP Growth and Product Marketing @Broadvoice

As a former ABM analyst at Forrester, I've had the opportunity to evaluate numerous ABM platforms, and RollWorks stands out as a game-changer. I highly recommend RollWorks for anyone serious about elevating their ABM strategy with a no-nonsense and fair priced ABM platform.

Malachi Threadgill, VP Growth and Product Marketing @Broadvoice
Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM

We’re achieving a 50 percent new opportunity rate with existing customers we target with ABM.

Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM
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Izabella Bray, Senior Manager, Demand Generation

RollWorks helps us know where to spend our sales and marketing resources. With a validated and tiered target account list, Dialpad is now poised to do true ABM at scale.

Izabella Bray, Senior Manager, Demand Generation
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Proven Results

Turning buyer insights into a high-impact revenue marketing machine for B2B business.

















Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RollWorks ABM?

    An easy-to-use ABM platform that utilizes extensive in-market buying signals and insights to fine-tune your approach. Designed for seamless integration across your teams and MarTech stack, it simplifies the creation, alignment, and execution of ABM strategies.

    With turnkey solutions and essential, easy-to-use features, you can quickly launch and effectively manage your ABM program, ensuring rapid deployment and immediate impact.

  • What are the benefits of RollWorks ABM?

    With RollWorks, you’re not just running campaigns, you’re refining ABM by leveraging deep buyer insights and actionable recommendations for precise targeting and tangible results.

    This approach simplifies the complexity of pinpointing and engaging with high-value accounts, ensuring your marketing efforts are laser-focused on those with the most significant revenue potential.

  • Who is ABM for?

    Revenue focused marketers looking to grow their business through omnichannel account based strategies and those looking to sharpen their go-to-market strategy with a focused, data-led approach. Ideal for those aiming to closely align their sales and marketing teams and confidently engage their target accounts.

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