How Dialpad closed deals 52% faster with their ABM program

Case Study Overview

The customer

Dialpad is a cloud business communication platform that supports voice, video, and messaging on any device, so you can connect from anywhere.

The challenge

Dialpad was introducing new product offerings—and they were looking for a way to target specific accounts and accelerate pipeline.

The payoff

In nine months, the marketing team at Dialpad saw:

10x lift in site visits from target accounts

5x lift in unique visitors from target accounts

21x lift in accounts engaged

87x ROI in sales pipeline influence

52% faster time to close

3.25x ROI in closed-won revenue

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The customer

The demand gen team that wanted to expand upmarket

There were two reasons it was a perfect time for Dialpad to uplevel to a full-fledged account-based marketing (ABM) program.

First, their product suite was expanding.

That meant if Dialpad’s demand gen team was going to help sales, they needed a way to scale their brand awareness so they could influence new customer profiles to purchasing their new product offerings.

Second, as Dialpad sought to move further up market, this also meant their sales cycles would now be 12 months or longer.

According to senior demand gen manager Izabella Bray, Dialpad was doing very well amongst mid-market companies, but needed help in cracking the enterprise code. “The ‘aha’ moment came when the team realized that the number of stakeholders involved in an enterprise deal was going to increase to up to seven or more,” she said.

“My passion is working with sales and being extremely aligned with them—really helping to drive top line impact with pipeline generation,” Izabella said. “And I feel like the best way to do that is through ABM.”

The challenge

How to engage new buyer personas

With buy-in from Dialpad leadership Izabella was ready to build their ABM program.

Dialpad had four main goals as they targeted mid-market and enterprise accounts:

  1. Increase website traffic from target accounts
  2. Influence and increase net-new opportunities at target accounts
  3. Increase pipeline velocity
  4. Measure marketing’s influence on pipeline and revenue

In order to hit these goals, Dialpad had to reevaluate their target account list. Plus, not only had their ideal customer profile (ICP) expanded to include more enterprise accounts, but also the personas to target had increased.

“All of a sudden, we're not just selling into IT, we're selling into sales, customer support, biz ops sales ops, etc” said Izabella. “The ICPs we needed to target grew dramatically.”

To hit her goals, Izabella spearheaded the implementation of the RollWorks Account-Based Platform.

The solution

Creating hyper-personalized ad campaigns at scale

Izabella’s first step was to connect their RollWorks account with their Salesforce instance. This allowed the team to sync data on their current top customers to the RollWorks platform.

Once Dialpad provided their target account lists, the next step was creating digital ad campaigns that would bring more accounts into their pipeline.

During the first phase of their program, Izabella served ads to their target accounts that addressed general features and benefits of Dialpad’s products.

These ads pointed to the homepage of the Dialpad website. “This wasn’t ideal, but we wanted to get up and running quickly and test messaging,” said Izabella. “We got much more sophisticated during our second phase.”

For phase two, Izabella had gathered enough insights to optimize Dialpad’s ad framework.

“We weren’t seeing enough data to support an industry-based segmentation approach, so we decided to segment by persona—which matched up nicely to each of our products,” explains Izabella. From there, Dialpad outlined the top four to five pain points they knew these personas experience, and created ads for each. Izabella worked with her digital team to make sure custom feature pages were created, so that rather than simply pointing to the Dialpad homepage, ads directed prospects to a much more cohesive experience.

Also, Dialpad was able to target known contacts in their Salesforce instance, as well as contacts at target accounts who were not in their CRM. The RollWorks Engagement Solution uses its proprietary data and machine learning capabilities to accurately match users with the right messages.

These ads targeted contacts with highly-relevant messages based on opportunity status, sales stage, company name, and persona-specific pain points.

With help from the RollWorks design team, Dialpad was able to create over 50 sets of highly-personalized ads. The extra help also meant they were able to A/B test their creative.

“Our design team is always swamped,” said Izabella. “So the fact that RollWorks could create the ads for us was huge.”

The payoff

‘An insane amount of traffic’

After launching their campaigns, Dialpad started seeing results almost immediately.

“Within 10 days of launching phase two, my SEO manager came up to me and said, ‘What the heck happened?’” said Izabella. “‘There has been an insane amount of traffic to these new feature pages from RollWorks.’”

With the RollWorks Measurement Solution, the marketing team was able to bubble up these engagement insights to sales, directly in Salesforce. From there the sales team could identify which accounts were engaging most heavily with the brand so they could prioritize their outreach.

“The ad framework that Izabella and Dialpad have deployed is one of the most sophisticated frameworks I have seen from any RollWorks customer,” said Dialpad’s RollWorks account manager John Russell. “And the results really reflect that.”

After nine months of running campaigns, Dialpad has been able to scale their ABM program and influence pipeline in ways they hadn’t anticipated, but hoped for. They saw a 10x lift in site visits from target accounts, 5x lift in unique visitors from target accounts, 21x lift in accounts engaged, 87x ROI in sales pipeline influence, 3.25x ROI in closed-won revenue, and a 52% faster time to close a deal.

“RollWorks has one of the most robust targeting platforms,” Izabella said. “I love that they offer account management and creative services—this consultative approach makes them an ABM partner, not just an ABM vendor.”

What’s next

Dialpad has recently started leveraging RollWorks’s Identification Solution to update and manage their target account list and to discover new accounts that would likely be interested in their products.

Analyzing the firmographic and technographic attributes of their 200 best customers, RollWorks surfaced nearly 900 target accounts likely to become Dialpad customers, outside of their existing target account lists generated by sales. Also, using a custom predictive model powered by machine learning, RollWorks scored the accounts, allowing them to be sorted into different tiers based on how likely they were to purchase.

“This is helping us know where to spend the majority of our sales and marketing resources,” said Izabella. “With a new, validated and tiered target account list, now Dialpad is poised to do true ABM at scale.”

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