Alveo's Marketing Transformation with RollWorks' Precision Targeting

April 30, 2024

The Customer:

Alveo is a data-driven powerhouse in data management services for the financial services sector and was on the hunt for a more targeted approach to market engagement. With a clear vision and a robust product offering, they needed a strategy that would match their ambition. "We had the target accounts, but effectively reaching the right decision-makers was a challenge," says Martijn Groot, Chief Marketing Officer at Alveo.

The Challenge:

Visibility and precision were at the heart of Alveo's challenges. Despite having a clear understanding of their target accounts, the path to engagement was riddled with obstacles. "We had the data, but the insights were fragmented and it could be cumbersome to combine all our sales and marketing insights," Martijn recalls.

The Solution:

Invalshoek stepped in with a game-changing proposal, placing RollWorks at the forefront of their account-based marketing strategy:

  1. Precision Targeting with RollWorks: RollWorks empowered Invalshoek to offer Alveo an analysis of the on-line behaviour of potential customers, sharpening their marketing focus to reach out to the right accounts with relevant content.

  2. Leveraging Marketing Intent Data: RollWorks, in conjunction with Bombora and Cognism, cleared the path for Alveo to pinpoint and captivate accounts that were actively researching potential solutions.

  3. Crafting Tailored Content: While HubSpot streamlined content personalization, RollWorks ensured that the outreach was targeted and impactful.

  4. Elevated Activation Strategy: RollWorks played a pivotal role in Invalshoek's strategy, amalgamating personalized emails, social media retargeting, and display advertising, ensuring that Alveo remained present in the minds of their target accounts.

  5. Synergy Between Sales and Marketing: While HubSpot's dashboards facilitated alignment, RollWorks' insights ensured that the strategies were not just aligned but also effective and that salespeople were notified early on about accounts demonstrating relevant intent.

The Payoff:

Alveo supercharged its marketing efforts, delivering the right content to the right audience. This lead to a remarkable surge in visibility and leads. 

Alveo experienced a fuller sales pipeline, improved engagement, and more efficient collaboration between teams. "The insights and strategies provided by Invalshoek transformed our approach. We're now reaching the right people with the right message," says Martijn.

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