TELUS and RollWorks: Revolutionizing Account-Based Marketing with LinkedIn

May 15, 2024

The Customer:

Global Innovation in Customer Experience and IT Services

TELUS International stands out in the global B2B arena, driving end-to-end customer experience solutions and advanced IT services. As a pivotal arm of TELUS Corporation — one of Canada's giants — TELUS International is relentless in its pursuit to boost customer loyalty and fuel sustainable growth through trailblazing digital services.

The Challenge:

Overcoming Complex ABM Barriers

Before teaming up with RollWorks and LinkedIn, TELUS International grappled with formidable challenges in fine-tuning their account-based marketing strategy. While their market presence was strong, the real test was forming connections beyond the surface — turning outreach into genuine engagement. Previous tools fell short, especially in intricate sectors like finance and technology, where decision-making involves multiple layers and stakeholders, demanding a nuanced approach to truly resonate.

Addressing Integration Opportunities: Embracing Strategic Growth

Utilizing both RollWorks and LinkedIn together offered TELUS International an opportunity to enhance its strategic ABM capabilities through technology alignment. While the process involved meticulous planning and execution, it was a strategic investment to align both platforms with TELUS’s ABM goals effectively. 

David Sui, Digital Marketing Manager at TELUS International, provides insights into the process: "Using RollWorks’ integration with LinkedIn was an opportunity for us to enhance our precision in targeting and engagement. It required thoughtful alignment of our data systems and strategic workflows, which was a proactive step towards driving more impactful marketing outcomes. This alignment has enabled us to engage our prospects more meaningfully, capturing their attention at critical moments."

By leveraging the distinctive capabilities of both RollWorks and LinkedIn, TELUS International was able to smooth out operational kinks and amplify the impact and effectiveness of their ABM campaigns, transforming potential challenges into actionable opportunities and demonstrating a bold and strategic mastery of integrated marketing tools.

The Strategy:

Unleashing Potential Through Strategic Synergy

Sui highlights their advanced approach: "We've revolutionized our paid media strategy by integrating a dynamic, multi-touchpoint system that deeply engages at each stage of the buyer’s journey." 

This approach leverages RollWorks' precise targeting capabilities alongside LinkedIn's rich data on job functions and industry insights, pinpointing key decision-makers within targeted accounts.

TELUS harnesses LinkedIn’s data to identify critical decision-makers and refine messaging to address specific industry challenges and preferences, enhancing the impact of campaigns delivered by RollWorks. 

"LinkedIn’s insights help us identify who the decision-makers are and understand their priorities, enabling us to tailor our messages more effectively alongside RollWorks’ targeted delivery." — David Sui

In refining the ABM strategy, TELUS International leveraged LinkedIn's powerful analytics to pinpoint key stakeholders within targeted sectors, enhancing their ability to craft highly relevant and impactful messages. Surrounding accounts on multiple channels, including LinkedIn, allowed TELUS to reach over 76% of accounts in 2023, demonstrating the expansive reach and penetration of their campaigns. Furthermore, LinkedIn campaigns executed via RollWorks achieved the highest click-through rate (CTR) at 0.21% in 2023, surpassing all other channels and underscoring the efficacy of TELUS' cohesive marketing strategy.

LinkedIn's sophisticated algorithms were crucial in optimizing content delivery, ensuring their communications were well-timed and perfectly aligned with their audience's interests and behaviors. This strategic use of LinkedIn's advanced features complemented RollWorks' precision targeting, creating a robust framework that propelled our campaigns to new levels of effectiveness.

The Solution:

Precision Campaigns, Amplified Impact

RollWorks partnered with Sui and his team to develop a game-changing strategy. 

"Integrating RollWorks with LinkedIn has revolutionized our approach to connecting with key accounts. Every interaction is specifically crafted to count." — David Sui

This powerful fusion leverages RollWorks' precision analytics to pinpoint high-value targets. At the same time, LinkedIn’s suite of advanced tools, like Sponsored Content and InMail, allows TELUS to deliver customized, impactful messages directly to decision-makers.

The collaboration goes deeper with LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms, which have been instrumental in capturing high-quality leads directly within the platform. These forms are seamlessly integrated into LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content, ensuring that TELUS reaches and engages their audience more effectively with compelling content that converts.

TELUS's campaigns now harness the best of both worlds: behavioral insights from RollWorks coupled with LinkedIn’s granular targeting options and real-time engagement data. This strategic alignment ensures that messaging is highly targeted and deeply resonant with the audience’s immediate needs and challenges.

Sui notes, "This dynamic combination extends our reach and deepens engagement, turning potential interest into tangible, impactful conversions. It's about sparking conversations that capture attention and drive meaningful action—demonstrating that the synergy between sharp analytics and strategic targeting can redefine the impact of digital campaigns."

By explicitly leveraging LinkedIn's unique capabilities alongside RollWorks' analytics, TELUS International crafts a narrative of deep integration and sophisticated execution, ensuring every campaign strikes the right chord at the right moment.

The Results: 

Transformative Outcomes in Engagement and Conversions

The fusion of RollWorks and LinkedIn led to remarkable outcomes for TELUS International:

  • Enhanced Engagement: A remarkable surge in site traffic and engagement was observed, especially within the finance sector, where ABM campaigns drastically shifted engagement metrics.
  • Increased Conversions: Targeting refined through data-driven insights and personalized engagement strategies led to an increase in conversion rates, converting prospects into profitable relationships.
  • Streamlined Operations: The integration unified campaign data streams, which streamlined operations and heightened the efficacy of campaign management—a testament to how well-oiled our platform synergy really is.

"The synergy between RollWorks and LinkedIn enhanced our targeting capabilities and magnified our engagement metrics across the board." — David Sui

The Verdict:

Exceeding Expectations with Strategic Mastery

TELUS International's journey with RollWorks' integration with LinkedIn clearly demonstrates the power held within strategic tech synergies. This partnership has met and surpassed expectations, setting new benchmarks in the ABM landscape and providing TELUS with a significant competitive advantage.

The Future:

Pioneering Next-Level ABM Innovations

Looking ahead, TELUS International is set to take their ABM strategy to new heights by deepening their integration with RollWorks' Audience Syncing features, along with LinkedIn’s dynamic personalization capabilities. This next step is poised to revolutionize how TELUS personalizes interactions and refine segmentation strategies, pushing the boundaries of targeted marketing.

"We’re not just planning to keep up — we’re planning to set the pace. With advanced audience syncing from RollWorks and LinkedIn, we’re about to transform our ABM campaigns, enhancing precision in targeting and elevating our lead quality through unmatched personalization." — David Sui

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Targeting Precision through RollWorks’ integration with LinkedIn: The strategic combination of LinkedIn’s vast networking capabilities and RollWorks’ data-driven analytics has catapulted TELUS’s targeting accuracy and efficiency to new heights, revolutionizing campaign performance.

  • Boosted Lead Generation via Dual-Platform Synergy: By harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s extensive reach and RollWorks’ precise targeting mechanisms, TELUS has significantly amplified its lead generation processes, leading to a dramatic surge in conversion rates.

  • Enhanced Sales Collaboration: The synergy between LinkedIn’s insight into professional networks and RollWorks’ strategic data application has fine-tuned the alignment between sales and marketing teams at TELUS, ensuring campaigns are unified and more impactful.

  • Future-Ready Strategy with LinkedIn and RollWorks: TELUS is pushing the envelope on ABM innovation by continuously integrating advanced features from both LinkedIn and RollWorks. This proactive approach keeps them at the cutting edge, ready to leverage the latest in technology and market insights to drive future successes.


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