How Conquer and O3 Solutions Used RollWorks & LinkedIn for Targeted Growth

May 7, 2024

Businesses across a wide range of industries are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to refine their account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. Conquer, a frontrunner in sales engagement software, and O3 Solutions, a trailblazer in project management software for industrial construction, have embraced the integration of RollWorks and LinkedIn to spearhead their marketing innovations. 

This case study takes a look at how each company tapped into the synergies between RollWorks and LinkedIn to tackle unique industry challenges, streamline marketing costs, and significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.

Conquer’s Challenge: Enhancing Sales Engagement

Conquer grappled with the task of effectively engaging with enterprise-level entities, which required a bespoke approach to manage the complexities of extended sales cycles typical in large accounts. The company sought to integrate its sales engagement platform with Salesforce and adopt a strategic one-to-few ABM approach for precise targeting. Amidst economic fluctuations and changing buyer behaviors, Conquer aimed to maintain high engagement levels while minimizing advertising spend.

O3 Solutions’ Challenge: Navigating Niche Market Intricacies

O3 Solutions faced the challenge of connecting with highly specialized audiences in the industrial construction industry, where conventional marketing tools fell short. They needed a strategy that would allow them to penetrate this niche market more effectively, without escalating costs, and engage key decision-makers directly.

Strategic Integration and Solutions:

Both Conquer and O3 Solutions leveraged the integration of RollWorks and LinkedIn to refine their targeting strategies, achieving enhanced efficiency and impact in their marketing endeavors:

  • Conquer streamlined its targeting process by synchronizing its account lists with LinkedIn ads through RollWorks. This strategic alignment led to optimized ad spending and heightened campaign precision, resulting in a notable reduction in costs and an increase in engagement metrics, thereby enabling Conquer to more effectively reach enterprise-level organizations within their sales and marketing ecosystem.

  • O3 Solutions took advantage of the integration to sharply focus on high-value accounts. By utilizing data-driven insights from RollWorks alongside LinkedIn's extensive networking capabilities, O3 Solutions improved the accuracy and depth of their engagement across various digital touchpoints. This method not only increased targeting precision but also amplified the impact of their campaigns within the specialized industrial construction market.

Impactful Results:

The adoption of this integrated approach produced significant outcomes for both companies:

  • Conquer saw transformative improvements, marked by a 724.37% increase in ad impressions and a 42.91% rise in click-through rates. This integration significantly enhanced their advertising efficiency, reducing the average cost-per-click (CPC) by 83.4% and cost-per-mille (CPM) by 87.2%, highlighting Conquer's improved capability to engage their target audience while substantially lowering the financial burden of their campaigns.

  • O3 Solutions experienced a dramatic 800% surge in website traffic, a direct outcome of more accurately targeted LinkedIn ads powered by RollWorks' analytics. This increase not only signifies enhanced engagement and brand visibility but also deeper market penetration into the industrial construction sector—a niche traditionally difficult to impact due to its specialized nature and conventional resistance to digital strategies.

The Verdict: Strategic Integration Enhances Precision Marketing

The collaboration between RollWorks and LinkedIn has been transformative for both Conquer and O3 Solutions, illustrating the exceptional potential of integrated technologies to refine ABM strategies. This partnership has not only met but surpassed their goals, establishing new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in their respective sectors and securing a robust competitive edge for both companies.

Future Outlook:

Inspired by these results, both companies are poised to deepen their integration with RollWorks and LinkedIn's advanced features. Conquer aims to further personalize the buyer’s journey, while O3 Solutions plans to extend its reach into additional niche markets, continuously honing its ABM tactics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Diverse Application: The integration of RollWorks and LinkedIn provides versatile solutions across various industries, showcasing its adaptability to meet distinct market-specific challenges.

  • Strategic Precision: Both Conquer and O3 Solutions exemplify how precise targeting can significantly enhance the effectiveness of ABM campaigns, demonstrating that tailored engagement leads to higher conversion rates and deeper market penetration.

  • Enhanced Efficiency and ROI: Both companies have realized considerable improvements in targeting precision and cost-efficiency, translating into higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • Future-Proof Strategies: As Conquer and O3 Solutions look to the future, their ongoing investment in RollWorks and LinkedIn’s advanced features signifies a commitment to remaining at the forefront of ABM innovation. This continual adaptation is set to further personalize the buyer’s journey and penetrate deeper into specialized markets, ensuring their marketing strategies remain resilient and responsive to evolving industry dynamics.

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