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How We Impact Revenue

Full-Funnel Solutions For Your Business

Lead Locator

Your Tough Questions

Looking for new leads?


“How do I focus my advertising budget on the people I 
care about?”


“How can I find new quality contacts within my accounts?”


“How can I add more targets to my target account list?”

Our Simple Answer

Integrate your CRM and marketing automation (MA) systems with the RollWorks platform.

  • Target specific contacts—not just an account.
  • Segment granularly by company, department, seniority level, and more.
  • Find new prospects that behave like your existing customers by tapping into our proprietary data pool and powerful 
act-a-like algorithm.

Pipeline Accelerator

Your Tough Questions

Want to engage with impact?


“How do I stay in front of my targets outside of their inboxes?”


“How do I deliver messages that resonate?”


“How can I help sales close deals faster?”

Our Simple Answer

Serve highly relevant ads.

  • Reach targets anywhere they are online—web, social, mobile, office, and home.
  • Make stronger connections and shorten your sales cycle with personalized ads based on role, lead score, opportunity stage, and more.
  • Focus your ad spend on contacts that have stalled.

Growth Multiplier

Your Tough Questions

Can I cross-sell and upsell?


“How do I feed sales new, high-quality opportunities?”


“How do I sell more to existing accounts?”


“How do I learn the impact of my work in order to replicate

Our Simple Answer

Take full advantage of the RollWorks CRM and MA integrations.

  • Locate and cross-sell to new contacts within a company.
  • Upsell closed/won opportunities with new products.
  • Get full-funnel marketing visibility directly in your CRM and 
MA systems and see what’s working.

Pantheon Makes It Personal

  • -22%

    Retargeting CPA

  • 0.32%

    Retargeting CTR

  • $95

    Prospecting CPA

“Through the RollWorks integration with Marketo, we’re able to focus on campaign strategy rather than implementation.”

Emi Winslow, Online Marketing Manager, Pantheon