Product Snapshot Series

Take a quick peak into RollWorks products and features.

  • Product Snapshot: Sales Insights2:29

    Product Snapshot: Sales Insights

    Leverage the right tools to alert sales when an account is engaging with your company.

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  • Product Snapshot: Account Scoring2:15

    Product Snapshot: Account Scoring

    With RollWorks account scoring functionality, we can build an Ideal Customer Profile model that helps you understand your ideal target accounts and prioritize your lists.

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  • Product Snapshot: Identifying In-Market Accounts2:10

    Product Snapshot: Identifying In-Market Accounts

    Use advanced machine learning to uncover accounts in early buying cycles without having to do all the work.

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  • Product Snapshot: Targeting Unknown Contacts2:02

    Product Snapshot: Targeting Unknown Contacts

    Activate an ABM campaign that will reach those unknown contacts and help you build brand awareness and engagement.

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  • Product Snapshot: Create Target Account Lists2:53

    Product Snapshot: Create Target Account Lists

    Building a strong Target Account List is vital to Account Based Marketing success.

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  • Product Snapshot: Journey Stages & Journey Events2:38

    Product Snapshot: Journey Stages & Journey Events

    See exactly when an account has progressed in the buying journey to get a clearer picture of how marketing and sales activities are driving account progression and revenue.

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