Product Snapshot: Account Scoring

April 28, 2022

One of the most important parts of building out an ABM program is understanding who you’re targeting, but how do you determine your ideal target account and how does that help you prioritize your sales and marketing efforts? With RollWorks account scoring functionality, we can build an Ideal Customer Profile model that helps you understand your ideal target accounts and prioritize your lists so that you’re focusing your Account-based programs on the potential accounts with the highest propensity to close.

In this Product Snapshot video, you will see how you can:

  • Define an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) model
  • Manage multiple ICP models and apply them to your account lists
  • Get insights that help you understand and validate your ICP
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Product Snapshot: Sales Insights
Product Snapshot: Sales Insights

Leverage the right tools to alert sales when an account is engaging with your company.

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How Does Account Scoring Impact Strategy?

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