Account-Based Advertising

The Leading B2B Digital Advertising Platform

Reach and engage your target audience with laser focus. Thanks to our leading-edge demand-side platform (DSP) and customer data platform (CDP), you’re equipped to deliver highly personalized ads that capture attention and compel action.

Eliminate Wasted Spend and Reach your Buyers with Digital Advertising Expertise

Precision Targeting

Across 2 million publishers and platforms and 1.2 billion buyer profiles

Unparalleled Reach

We can reach up to 99% of the open web, effectively de-anonymizing up to 2x as many contacts as our competitors

Deep Data Expertise

Leverage our 15+ years of machine learning expertise to achieve unprecedented results and match rates

B2B Advertising Audiences

Engage Key Accounts and Contacts with Custom Audience Targeting

Unlimited Dynamic Audiences
Create custom dynamic Account and Contact Lists with an extensive selection of filters. Keep your advertising audiences up to date with no manual effort.

Combined Data Sources
Build audiences using 1st party data from your CRM and MAP in combination with RollWorks Firmographics, Intent, and Site Engagement signals to focus your ads on accounts most likely to buy.

Scalable and Cost Effective
Target an unlimited number of accounts without additional charges, setting us apart from competitors. This approach ensures cost-effective scalability for your marketing efforts.

Simple, Yet Powerful B2B Campaign Flows

Intuitive Advertising Execution for Full Campaign Control

Execute your Strategy, Perfectly

Easily follow Account Targeting and Re-targeting best practices with our user-friendly campaign set up tool, Playbooks. Target the right person with the right message at the right time.

Boost Engagement
Our platform elevates ad personalization through dynamic fields and creative customization, crafting ads that reach your audience and resonate with them on a personal level.

Accelerate Pipeline & Renewals

Dynamic journey stages and behavior-based messaging adapt in real-time, delivering relevant, behavior-based messaging and content that aligns with each buying stage.

Prove your Impact and Optimize Campaigns

Advertising Measurement from Reach to Revenue

Informed Decision-Making
Enhance your strategy with actionable advertising insights within your preferred reporting platforms. Track and measure advertising campaign outcomes, journey progression, revenue impact, and ad performance.

Optimize Performance with BidIQ
Our AI-powered tool automates the optimization of bids, budgets, and your best-performing creatives. BidIQ eliminates the need for manual A/B testing, ensuring that every advertising dollar is intelligently spent for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in real-time.

Proven Results

On average, RollWorks ABA customers experience


Increase in



Increase in

opportunities created


Increase in

form-fill to opportunities


Increase in

conversion rates

Power Up Your Advertising Strategy with


The RollWorks and LinkedIn integration offers unmatched opportunities for B2B marketers to drive engagement, generate leads, and accelerate revenue growth through targeted ads on the world’s largest professional network using one single platform.

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Hear From Our Customers

Nick Ezzo, VP Marketing

Since we’ve implemented account-based display ads, we’ve seen higher open and clickthrough rates in emails, more form fills on our website, and higher quality interactions during webinars.

Nick Ezzo, VP Marketing
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Erin T., Senior Digital Marketing Manager

With RollWorks view-through conversions insights, you can see which impressions are influential in generating pipeline. It's been very helpful for my entire marketing team.

Erin T., Senior Digital Marketing Manager

With ABM and MAP integrations, we have eliminated manual labor and wasted spend to now focus only on our high-value accounts. As a result, we’ve seen around a 60% increase in conversation rates, while cutting our CPAs by 30%.

Cody N, Growth Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Is RollWorks Account-Based Advertising For?

    Designed for for marketers who are looking to develop, implement, refine, and scale their account-based advertising strategy with an easy to use, best-in-class B2B advertising platform.

  • What is RollWorks Account-Based Advertising?

    A powerhouse in account-based advertising, leveraging our proprietary DSP and CDP to ensure your ads hit the mark every time with targeting accuracy and AI-powered campaign performance that’s second to none.

  • What are the Benefits of RollWorks Account-Based Advertising?
    • Target and engage key accounts with unmatched precision
    • Optimize your ad spend, ensuring maximum ROI
    • Drive tangible revenue growth with focused, strategic advertising
    • Custom account, contact, or retargeting audiences
    • Intuitive account-based advertising execution
    • Precision targeting across all digital channels
    • Connections to critical GTM and analytics systems
    • B2B advertising performance measurement from reach to revenue
    • Dedicated success managers and creative services

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Engage Key Accounts and Contacts with Custom Audience Targeting