The marketing strategy Kopis used to win 70% more leads and 40% more revenue

September 12, 2023



Kopis is a custom software development and consulting company dedicated to providing high-impact software and cloud solutions. Their award-winning team has been in business for over 20 years and is best known for servicing business and government agencies in the American Southeast. Despite working with a small team and budget, Kopis has continued to grow their client base and gain industry recognition from leaders such as Microsoft. 



The Kopis team was ready for a change. Their events-led strategy had been effective but now they were looking forward to transitioning to a digital-first approach with account-based marketing at its core. That’s a challenge for any great company even without the obstacles the Kopis team was about to face.

“Kopis is a really small team and we have a really small budget,” shared Kopis’s Marketing Manager Britany Carter, “so the challenge was how can we have a really big impact with the resources that we have?”

That small team consisted of one in-house marketer, one UX ad designer/creative, and an outsourced ADR team, all of whom shared a budget of $200k. Like many other marketing teams right now, Britany and her colleagues have had to rethink how they would make and prove impact despite recent shifts in resources.



Sometimes you don’t need new hires to expand a team. Once Britany determined Kopis needed help from an account-based marketing tool to uplevel their marketing, she ultimately chose RollWorks because of the account support available.

“I would say that RollWorks isn’t just the software itself, it’s the partner and the people behind the tool that has helped make our program so successful,” Britany says. “Being able to reach out to an account manager on a bi-weekly basis, being able to ask them questions and have them help you figure out how to optimize your campaigns, and just having that extra person to rely on has made a huge difference.”

From there the Kopis team was ready to focus on the next steps.

They started by using RollWorks to determine their best-fit accounts based on intent and engagement. “My ABCs of ABM are, first: accounts and narrowing down who it is you’re targeting. The second is intent. I think it’s really important to make sure you’re layering that in and talking to the right people at the right time,” says Britany.

This information made it possible to then narrow down to fewer, more impactful industries and company types. They then used RollWorks to create two campaigns for each segment: one for awareness and one for conversion.

To make sure they were using their limited resources wisely they even went as far as to test their campaign with RollWorks over the course of three months to ensure they were driving the right impact.

Good news: it worked. And they could prove it.

As Britany shared, “ABM in particular allows you to attribute those metrics to how you’re doing and how your spend is going. So it’s easier to draw that direct comparison of how much money you’re spending and what your ROI is. And I think as teams are growing that’s going to be really important to be able to show and have those results.”



The result? Their newly launched and tested account-based strategy was a proven success.

Not only was RollWorks easy for them to implement but it also made it possible to connect their work to real-world wins. In addition to doubling the number of overall leads they previously brought in, the Kopis team accomplished the following:

● Increased leads by 70% YoY
● Expanded marketing-generated revenue by 40%
● Directly connect marketing spend to marketing results
● Optimized their target account list
● Created more effective campaigns
● Achieved their goal of smoothly transitioning their marketing strategy despite having limited resources YoY
● Saw a higher rate of targeted ads reaching their intended audience

But like any journey, it isn’t just about the destination but the friends (or account managers) you made along the way. Having an extra set of hands proved invaluable for the small team with big goals.

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