How PayScale saw 6x ROI in revenue with their ABM program

Case Study Overview

The customer

PayScale offers modern compensation software and the most precise, real-time, data-driven insights for employees and employers alike.

The challenge

PayScale turned to their digital marketing team to grow their account-based marketing (ABM) program and measure its impact.

The payoff

In seven months, the marketing team at PayScale influenced:

500% increase in target account traffic

45% decrease in time to close for active opportunities

6x ROI in revenue

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How PayScale saw 6x ROI in revenue with their ABM program

The customer

The demand gen team ready to enhance their ABM

The demand gen team at PayScale was hoping to accelerate growth with their ABM programs. To do that, they wanted to sell the PayScale Compensation Platform to different segments of the market: SMB, mid-market, and enterprise accounts.

“We were really excited to get started,” said senior marketing manager Brian Steel. “We’ve been wanting to flesh out our ABM program and enhance our targeting and measurement capabilities.”

The challenge

How to deliver relevant ads to different segments and personas

The first step was for the sales and marketing teams to align on the target accounts to go after.

“Sales and marketing are constantly meeting and communicating on the programs we’re running,” Brian said. “There is so much more alignment than in years past.”

The sales and marketing teams had previously set up campaigns that drove new traffic from target accounts. But the teams wanted their ABM programs to go a step further and target the right personas at those accounts.

“The key decision makers are different for each segment,” Brian said. “So we wanted a way to serve different messages to different personas.”

So the sales teams provided a breakdown of the key personas that were usually needed to make a deal for each segment.

PayScale then turned to the RollWorks Account-Based Platform to reach and engage those personas.

The solution

Machine learning finds the personas that pay off

PayScale’s RollWorks account manager immediately recommended he connect his Salesforce instance with RollWorks. This allowed a bidirectional data sync so that RollWorks could use Salesforce data, such as job title, in order to serve ads.

The marketing team started by setting up campaigns that drove people to their highest-converting, most robust content piece, their annual Compensation Best Practices Report.

In the past, Brian’s campaigns targeted accounts solely based on IP addresses. While that usually served an ad to the right account, Brian couldn’t be sure that the right people were seeing his ads.

But with RollWorks’s machine learning-driven targeting, the teams finally got what they wanted.

“Immediately, we started seeing results,” Brian said. “Impressions were served to the right accounts, right people, right personas. That was huge.”

Plus, with the bidirectional sync of data, teams could see spend, impressions, and engagement data directly in their Salesforce instance.

“Being able to show impressions and spend at the contact and account levels was huge for us,” said Brian. “We’ve been wanting that piece of technology for years—and with a seamless integration it makes sales and marketing alignment even easier.”

The payoff

PayScale engages more targets and shortens the sales cycle

Within seven months, the PayScale marketing team was able to show they increased traffic from their target accounts by 500%.

“Seeing a lift in the number of engaged contacts per accounts is always beneficial,” said Brian. “It helps prepare our sales team when they have conversations with the primary decision maker.”

The team was also able to show they decreased time to close for active opportunities by 45%.

“We’re able to see in Salesforce how our campaigns with RollWorks helped get accounts over the hump into closed-won,” he said. “It’s awesome using the different types of campaign tactics in tandem. First, our campaigns build audience, and then they accelerate accounts through the pipeline.”

So far, PayScale's ABM program with RollWorks has delivered a 6x ROI in revenue.

“I am very impressed and happy with RollWorks,” Brian said. “Being able to show concrete results to stakeholders that we contributed equally or significantly to getting customers across the finish line is a wonderful feeling. It’s great.”

About PayScale

PayScale helps employers and their employees understand the right pay for every position and effectively communicate about compensation. The PayScale Compensation Platform pioneered the use of big data and unique matching algorithms—and currently powers pay decisions for more than 23 million employees worldwide.

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