How Coupa won 8.7x ROI on first-touch revenue

Case Study Overview

The customer

Coupa is a cloud platform for business spend, delivering measurable value through real-time spend visibility, control, compliance, and agility.

The challenge

The Coupa marketing team was seeing low conversion rates on their website and were struggling to re-engage visitors.

The payoff

In one quarter, Coupa saw:

15% increase in click-through rate

2.5x increase in conversions

54% decrease in cost per acquisition

In 22 months, Coupa saw:

8.7x ROI on first-touch revenue

7.3x ROI on multi-touch revenue

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How Coupa won 8.7x ROI on first-touch revenue

The customer

The demand gen team trying to target two personas 

The Coupa marketing team was interested in engaging two types of personas on their target account list: those who work in procurement and those who work in finance.

“Our Business Spend Management platform serves a broad audience,” said senior digital marketing manager Erin Triman. “We play a role in the entire procure-to-pay process, from selecting suppliers through to payment."

The challenge

How to increase website engagement

However, the Coupa marketing team wanted to increase the performance of target market segments on their website.

“We didn't have a lot of repeat visitors on our site,” Erin said. “We also just didn’t have great engagement on our site, under two percent of visitors were converting.”

So the demand gen team wanted a way to bring the right personas back to their site and get them to engage. That’s when they turned to the RollWorks Account-Based Platform.

The solution

Smart, segmented retargeting powered by machine learning

Erin was impressed with RollWorks' proprietary data and machine learning capabilities to accurately match users with the right messages.

“When it comes to website retargeting, Rollworks is a staple,” Erin said.

The team decided to set up a few different types of retargeting campaigns based on the pages users visited.

To the visitors who had been to one of Coupa’s procurement pages, they would serve an ad leading to a report helping procurement leaders improve their strategies. To those who had visited an invoicing page, they would serve content detailing how CFOs could influence the bottom line. Finally, to those who visited three or more pages, they served a demo request ad.

“We used intent to determine which ads to serve to keep us top of mind and getting visitors to re-engage,” said Erin. 

The payoff

More revenue at a lower cost

After running retargeting with RollWorks for one quarter, Coupa got the results they wanted — a 2.5x increase in conversions. They also saw a 15% increase in click-through rate and a 54% decrease in cost per acquisition.

Erin appreciates that the RollWorks Measurement Solution helped her show management the impact her programs are having. 

“With RollWorks view-through conversions insights, you can see which impressions are influential in generating pipeline, which you can’t see in other media buys,” said Erin. “It’s been very helpful for my entire marketing team.”

With the ability to show her impact on revenue, Erin is able to justify her budgets each quarter. In the over 22 months Coupa has run RollWorks campaigns, they have seen 8.7x ROI on first-touch revenue and 7.3x ROI on multi-touch revenue.

“RollWorks has the best reach,” Erin said. “RollWorks is the best for website retargeting."

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