How Transpay Increased Engagement at Half the Cost


The Results

30% of target account list reached in two months*

50% decrease in cost per visit

6.4x increase in average time on site in four weeks

*A target contact is reached once they have been served an ad.

“RollWorks has some of the most sophisticated targeting capabilities . . . With other ABM vendors we were paying double or triple the cost to get a visit to our website. But, because RollWorks targets more efficiently, we’re actually spending less than 50% of what we had spent to get a visit to our site. ”

—Tina Cabanez, Senior Marketing Manager, Transpay


Smarter Onboarding for Better Targeting

The Transpay marketing team was beginning their ABM journey and testing vendors.

“Proper audience targeting is very critical,” said Director of Marketing Tina Cabanez. “With some ABM vendors, the cost per visitor was high because there were limitations in how audiences can be targeted with enough precision.”

So they turned to the RollWorks Account-Based Platform.

“The onboarding was organized,” Tina said. “Despite the technical requirements involved, the RollWorks team provided smart answers to our questions and articulated every step in a clear and methodical way.”

Because the onboarding was more thorough than with other vendors, Tina understood how it helped get results.

“The extra setup was worth the effort and allowed me to see how all the pieces connected. Getting this part right was really important because that became the foundation for our campaign,” she said.


Better targeting for more efficient performance

Once onboarded, Tina and her team tested a two-month campaign to bring unknown, high-quality leads to their site.

Contacts at target accounts would be served an ad based on their company department: product and payments, finance and accounting, legal and compliance, or IT and development. After getting design and messaging direction from Tina, the RollWorks design team helped create the following ads:

From L to R—the ads tailored to account contacts in product and payments, finance and accounting, legal and compliance, and IT and development.

Within two weeks, Transpay completed onboarding and the campaigns were ready to launch. Four weeks later, this highly-efficient targeting started delivering promising results.

The team is now working on new campaigns to grow their ABM program.

“RollWorks has one of the most sophisticated targeting capabilities,” Tina said. “[Other ABM vendors] allow us to target but very broadly. With RollWorks, we can actually identify segments of segments. Because we can be more precise with our segments, it allows for more cost-efficient display campaigns.”


About Transpay

Transpay is a global payments service that provides businesses of all sizes with a scalable, secure, and fully compliant cross-border mass payout solution, making it easy to send funds directly to the local bank accounts of vendors, business partners, freelancers or others in over 200 countries.

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