How Oracle Dyn Saw 4X ROI with Retargeting

The Results

4x Retargeting ROI

+28% marketing-qualified leads

+2.2 of churned accounts re-engaged

“We’re thrilled with how RollWorks performs. As far as an investment it’s a no-brainer. We consistently see a positive ROI both in revenue and in leads.”
—John Wright, Digital Optimization Manager, Oracle Dyn 

Reliable ROI with retargeting

Though Oracle Dyn was seeing a large volume of website traffic, their digital marketing team wasn’t happy with their conversion rates.

So Digital Optimization Manager John Wright and his team ran RollWorks retargeting campaigns for their self-service accounts. Digital ads brought high-intent past visitors back to their site to purchase one of their services. And in the four years of running these campaigns, Oracle Dyn has consistently seen a 4x ROI.

“What the RollWorks Account-Based Platform solves for us in a pretty sophisticated way is being able to serve up compelling ads that speak to the customer journey,” John said. “Knowing what pages each site visitor went to, we’re able to serve an ad that makes sense for them.”

Proving high-impact, high-efficiency results

Oracle Dyn then ramped up efforts to close more high-value accounts. They ran lead gen retargeting campaigns that would bring past visitors back to fill out a form and enter their managed-account sales pipeline.

However, while the number of high-value marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) increased, the digital team could only credit themselves for click-through conversions. The team suspected many of the other high-value conversions had viewed—though not clicked—an ad, but they couldn’t prove it.

So they tried the RollWorks Connector for Marketo and quickly uncovered a new level of visibility into their pipeline impact.

Previously, they could attribute less than 1% of MQLs to their efforts—those who had clicked an ad. But with the Connector, they uncovered they were influencing an additional 9% of MQLs with view-through conversions.

With the proof their marketing efforts were paying off, the team was able to increase their lead gen budget, raising MQLs by 28% in five months.

“We can now solve for our view-through haziness,” said Digital Marketing Programs Manager Laura Patton. “With this visibility, we’re getting more interest. People are now seeking John and me out to enable more campaigns.”


Tip-toeing to ABM

The RollWorks Marketo Connector isn’t just showing the team how their campaigns are driving conversions. It also allows them to make deeper connections with specific contacts using highly-targeted messaging.

“We wanted to gain a level of targeting that would tiptoe up to an ABM strategy,” said John. “We’re able to use our smart lists in Marketo to carve out different experiences for people we’re retargeting.”

For example, the team is now engaging their churned accounts with highly-specific messages to incentivize them to come back. In three months, they’ve re-engaged 2.2% of their churned accounts.

“We’re thrilled with how RollWorks performs,” said John. “As far as an investment it’s a no-brainer. We consistently see a positive ROI both in revenue and in leads.”


About Oracle Dyn

Oracle Dyn is a pioneer in managed DNS and cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring website traffic and essential customer communications get delivered quickly, safely, and reliably. Oracle Dyn’s solution is powered by a global network that drives 40 billion traffic optimization decisions daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers, such as Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn and CNBC.

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