How Digital Guardian Increased Sales-Qualified Leads by 33%

How Digital Guardian Increased Sales-Qualified Leads by 33%

The Results

4x ROI in pipeline generated

33% increase in rate of RollWorks leads becoming sales qualified*

Nearly 2x conversion rate of raw leads to sales-qualified leads vs other paid ad campaigns

*year over year

“I’ve seen quality leads come from RollWorks. The conversion rate to sales-qualified leads has been really high.”
—Ellen Zhang, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Digital Guardian

Smart account management

The Digital Guardian marketing team was seeking new ways to capture their bounced leads into their sales funnel.

“Our display remarketing campaigns with Google weren’t performing as well as they had been,” said Acquisition Marketing Manager Ellen Zhang.

So they tried the RollWorks Account-Based Platform. Their RollWorks account manager suggested segmenting their retargeting differently.

Ellen and her team had been retargeting website visitors based on the page they had visited, such as their product page or their blog. Their account executive suggested retargeting based on level of intent instead.

So Digital Guardian segmented site visitors by low and high intent. They defined low-intent visitors as those simply visiting their website. High-intent visitors were those who started a lead generation form but didn’t submit it.

With these new segments, the RollWorks AI prioritized high-intent visitors, allocating budget accordingly and bidding more intelligently.

Year over year, Digital Guardian saw an increase in lead quality. The rate of RollWorks leads becoming sales qualified rose by 33% nearly 2x the rate of other paid advertising campaigns.

“I’ve seen some quality leads come from RollWorks—the conversion rate of sales-qualified leads has been really high,” said Ellen. “RollWorks also has a larger inventory than the Google Display Network, so there’s more opportunities to target your site visitors to get them to come back and convert.”


Proving their worth

Ellen and her team also got the clear reporting they needed to show that her team’s marketing efforts were paying off.

With the RollWorks Connector for Marketo, Digital Guardian connected their RollWorks and Marketo accounts. This allowed the team to push their view-through and click-through data directly into their marketing automation and CRM platforms, enabling them to tie sales-qualified leads to a view-through or click-through conversion.

Within 15 months, the Digital Guardian marketing team was able to show RollWorks generated over $800,000 in pipeline. With the ability to prove the worth of their campaigns, Ellen now has the buy-in to try different types of RollWorks campaigns to drive even more growth.


About Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian provides one of the leading data protection platform that stops data theft from both insiders and external adversaries. For more than 15 years, Digital Guardian’s unique data awareness combined with behavioral threat detection and response, enables you to protect data without slowing the pace of your business.

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