Know your impact—from reach to revenue

Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs, so you know what's working.

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Reporting that fits your needs

Show off revenue impact and track account progression based on your definitions, not ours.


See how marketing and sales activities are driving account progression

  • See how account activity is affecting stage progression and which activities are most efficient at driving accounts forward.
  • View account activity date like SDR emails sent and opened, meetings booked, opportunities opened/progressed, and deals closed from a multitude of sources.  Watch the Product Snapshot >>
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Track progression of your target accounts along their buying journey and justify your spend

  • Customize your account-level journey-stages using data from multiple sources – RollWorks, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.
  • Discover where your target accounts are in their buying journey , gauge their purchase readiness and plan your marketing and sales outreach accordingly. 
  • Create stage-based audiences and personalize programs. 
  • Measure the success of your cross-channel ABM programs with our Journey Stages dashboard.  Watch the Product Snapshot >>
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Show off the revenue influenced by your ABM advertising programs with one simple dashboard

  • Quickly view overall account engagement, website lift metrics, new influenced opportunities, and influenced revenue driven by your account-based advertising campaigns.
  • Dig deep into ABM analytics at an individual account level to hone your marketing and sales outreach.
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View spend, reach, impressions, clicks and more to know what’s working with your ABM ads

  • View detailed ad campaign performance data for each account down to individual contacts and specific sales stages. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of specific ads and closely monitor other performance metrics.
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Measure your site traffic

  • Sync with Google Analytics to understand web traffic patterns such as time on site, content consumed, sessions, and more.
  • Better analyze business dynamics and report on website statistics. Learn more >
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Show off your wins

Sync your Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot accounts so your company can see campaign business impact in your shared record of truth.

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Erin Triman, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

With RollWorks view-through conversions insights, you can see which impressions are influential in generating pipeline. It’s been very helpful for my entire marketing team.

Erin Triman, Senior Digital Marketing Manager
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Being able to show concrete results to stakeholders that we contributed equally or significantly to getting customers across the finish line is a wonderful feeling.

Brian Steel, Senior Marketing Manager
Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager

Our more advanced ABM strategy aligned marketing programs to sales priorities by syncing laser-targeted marketing air cover prioritized for outreach by the sales team.

Maddy Seltzer, Account-Based Marketing Manager
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Lay the foundation for all your marketing programs. Identify your ideal customer profile, select a list of target accounts, and find key contacts.

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Run high-performing, cross-channel campaigns. Engage your ICP, target accounts, and key buyers, using digital ads and sales automation.

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Always have visibility into your impact. Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs at both the account and contact level.

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