Prioritize the accounts that matter

Machine-learning identifies your ideal customer profile (ICP), best-fit, and key buyers.

Find your best fit

Turn your data into account-based insights, and tap into our database of 18M companies and 320M contacts.


Become more account-based by using your existing data

  • Surface shared firmographic traits for existing customers or those in your pipeline. 
  • Use these insights to find high-fit accounts and align sales and marketing efforts.


Advance ABM strategies with a target account list (TAL)

  • Account List Creation—Take advantage of our proprietary database of 18 million vetted B2B companies to create a list of high-ROI accounts in minutes.
  • Account Scoring—Score your TAL with a predictive model built by machine-learning. Focus resources on accounts most likely to close.
  • Account Suggestions—Discover net-new accounts that are a good fit for your business thanks to our B2B database and a custom predictive model.
  • Account Groups—Segment your TAL for custom ad campaigns. Separate ad audiences based on firmographic, technographic, and fit-grade attributes.
  • NEW Account Intent—Use machine learning to uncover signals of an account’s interest based on its content consumption behavior on the B2B web. Use these intent signals to prioritize accounts for marketing or sales outreach. Learn More >


Prioritize accounts for sales outreach—Book more meetings with accounts that matter

  • Account Spike—Let our advanced data science model reveal when accounts are spiking in engagement with your website and ads.
  • Daily Account Alerts—Receive daily email notifications summarizing spiking account activity directly to sales teams’ inboxes.
  • Salesforce Dashboards and Reports—Sync with your Salesforce Premium App to create customizable dashboards and capture information on which accounts (sales assigned and unassigned) are engaging with your content and reveal which contacts are interested in your solutions.


Uncover‌ ‌valuable‌ ‌website‌ ‌visitor‌ ‌data‌ ‌to‌ ‌analyze account‌ ‌behavior‌ ‌and‌ ‌inform‌ ‌business‌ ‌decisions‌‌

  • Website Traffic Deanonymization—Discover firmographic attributes of your website visitors such as domain, company name, industry, size, and revenue to customize your content, power business models, and more.
  • Real-Time Data—Use the Site Visitor API data to power web, chat, and landing page personalization.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics—Sync with Google Analytics to understand web traffic patterns such as time on site, content consumed, sessions, and more.


Find the key decision makers to reach with your campaigns

  • Contact Selection—Get contact info for buying committees. With our database of 320 million verified contacts, reach key decision makers (and not those from unrelated departments).
Jess Bahr, Senior Director of Growth

Analyzing intent signals across many data and content sources, we were able to surface nearly 3,200 target accounts that were showing a surge in intent on topics related to our business. This is helping us know where to spend the majority of our marketing dollars.

Jess Bahr, Senior Director of Growth

We use the RollWorks database to find additional best-fit accounts, and then we automate the activation of these newly discovered high-priority accounts on LinkedIn.

Izabella Bray, Senior Manager, Demand Generation

RollWorks helps us know where to spend our sales and marketing resources. With a validated and tiered target account list, Dialpad is now poised to do true ABM at scale.

Izabella Bray, Senior Manager, Demand Generation
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Lay the foundation for all your marketing programs. Identify your ideal customer profile, select a list of target accounts, and find key contacts.

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Run high-performing, cross-channel campaigns. Engage your ICP, target accounts, and key buyers, using digital ads and sales automation.

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Always have an eye on your impact. Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs at both the account and contact level.

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