Target Account Selection

Take advantage of our database of over 18 million accounts and machine learning technology to create, prioritize, and manage your target account list (TAL).

  • NEW Account list creation—create static and dynamic account lists using Fit, Intent and Engagement data from multiple data sources such as CRM (Salesforce), MAP (HubSpot) and RollWorks’ database of 18 million companies to target the right accounts at the right time. Use complex “and” and “or” logic to define your lists. Further segment your account lists into groups to create custom audiences for campaigns.
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  • Account scoring—Score your TAL with a custom fit-based predictive model built by machine-learning technology. Focus your resources on higher scoring accounts.

  • Account suggestions—Discover net-new accounts that are a good fit for your business thanks to our B2B database and a custom predictive model. Watch the Product Snapshot >>

  • NEW Account Intent—Use machine learning to uncover signals of an account’s interest based on its content consumption behavior on the B2B web. Use these intent signals to prioritize accounts for marketing or sales outreach. Learn More >>

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Benefits of Target Account Selection

  • Build your ABM foundation. Create static or dynamic account lists to power your ABM programs —Upload CSV files or create rules-based lists using data from your CRM( Salesforce), MAP(HubSpot) or ur database of 18 million B2B accounts.
  • Focus budget on accounts that matter. Use machine-learning backed account fit scoring and intent signals to prioritize accounts.
  • Easily create segmented audiences. Segment your target account list into groups for customized campaigns.
  • Align marketing and sales. Sync target account lists with Salesforce and run coordinated sales and marketing plays.

How Target Account Selection Works

  • Begin list creation by uploading a CSV file or use data from your CRM (SFDC), Marketing Automation Platform (HubSpot), or RollWorks’ database of 18 million companies.
  • Layer on firmographic, intent, and engagement signal data to further segment your accounts list.
  • Employ complex “AND” and “OR” logic to build rule-based lists. Accounts will automatically be added or removed from dynamic lists if they meet the logic defining the Account List.
  • To activate account scoring, upload training data for our predictive model.
  • Our fit-based predictive model scores your TAL and assigns grades to the accounts.
  • Segment and prioritize the target account list based on account grades and other criteria that are important for your business.
  • Use the account groups feature to segment the TAL and create audiences for your ABM campaigns.
  • Utilize the predictive model driven account suggestion feature to surface net-new accounts from our B2B database and add them to your TAL.
  • Leverage this list as the base for your multi-channel account-based programs that span digital advertising, sales automation, direct mail, and more.

Take the lead with the power of your data and ours

Your data is more powerful than you might think. Whether you’re an ABM vet or just starting, turn your data into account-based insights. Also, we partner with the best firmographic data vendors and B2B intent data providers to ensure you make a big impact.

Become more account-based

Turn your customer data into an ICP to ensure sales and marketing are pursuing the same companies.

Advance account-based strategies

Create stronger target account lists that include key contacts on the buying committee.

Boost your data assets

Enjoy our constantly updated B2B customer database of 320M contacts across 18M accounts.

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