Contact data

Once you have your ideal customer profile (ICP) or target account list, find key decision makers and ensure the best use of your dollars and time.

Features of Contact Data

Contact selection: Instantly find key B2B contacts at the companies you’d like to target and start prospecting—pronto.

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Benefits of B2B Contact Data

  • Leverage a B2B contact database of 320M contacts. Use our B2B customer data platform of 320 million verified contacts from 18 million companies to reach key decision makers.
  • Search with laser precision. Surface buyers that match your ICP or target account list with advanced search filters (industry, company size, job title, technology used, etc.).
  • Rely on accurate data for high-quality leads. Our contact data enrichment constantly updates and verifies lead data using 400+ million websites, social media feeds, third-party data exchanges, public databases, and more.

How Contact Data Works

1. Set up your Growlabs account and purchase the amount of credits needed to obtain the amount of contacts you’d like to secure.

2. Go to the Lead Gen tab, push “Create Audience”, and enter your audience name.

3. Use the filters to begin building your list, narrowing by adding multiple pieces of search criteria within a filter.

4. Select from popular filter tags such as Job Title and Industry to estimate the reach of the resulting pool.

5. Review, reject, and edit your list. Your search results will be visible for 48 hours unless you select Extend Time.

6. Once you’re happy with the list, push “Get xxx Leads” at the bottom of your search results to confirm your request. You can either assign your requested leads to a sales automation sequence at the time of redemption or you can transfer them to an email sequence at a later time.

7. You can also export your list as a CSV and upload it as a CRM audience to target the contacts with ads.

8. We worry about lead and contact data enrichment so you don’t have to.

Take the lead with the power of your data and ours

Your data is more powerful than you might think. Whether you’re an ABM vet or just starting, turn your data into account-based insights. We help ensure your lead enrichment efforts make a big impact.

Become more account-based

Turn your customer data into an ICP to ensure sales and marketing are pursuing the same companies.

Advance account-based strategies

Create stronger target account lists that include key contacts on the buying committee.

Boost your data assets

Enjoy our constantly updated B2B contact database of 320M potential customers across 18M accounts.

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