Sales Insights

Prioritize accounts for sales outreach using data science models to uncover signals of an account’s engagement with a company's website and ads.

Features of Sales Insights

  • Account Spike Data. Use our data science model to reveal when accounts are spiking in website and ad activity—for both sales assigned and unassigned accounts in Salesforce.
  • Account Spike Data in CRM. Sync with your CRM (Salesforce or HubSpot) to visualize account spike data in an interface familiar to the sales team.
  • Contact De-anonymization. Uncover contact-level insights like which unique site visitors caused a spike in engagement and what specific actions led to the spike.
  • Account Alerts. Configure automated email alerts summarizing spiking account data for sales reps and sales managers.
  • Sales Engagement. Turn insights into action right from within the CRM and push contacts directly into a sales engagement sequence.
Sales Insights Example

Benefits of Sales Insights

  • Streamline sales workflows. Access valuable account and contact-level data in a single source of truth–the CRM–to save time and effort.
  • Turn marketing led activity into sales action. Highlight the engagement efforts from marketing and trigger sales outreach.
  • Create more timely sales outreach. Prioritize accounts based on data-science models that reveal when accounts are spiking in website and ad engagement activity.
  • Personalize sales outreach for maximum impact. See where accounts and contacts within those accounts are spending their time on your site and create custom messaging based on their interests.
  • Secure meetings and open opportunities faster. Engage accounts and contacts who have recently been interacting with your brand to quickly activate a sales cycle.
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How Sales Insights Works

  • Connect your Salesforce or HubSpot instance to the RollWorks Account-Based advertising platform and assign sales seats to start generating Account Spike data.
  • View accounts spiking in website and ad engagement directly in Salesforce or HubSpot reports and dashboards.
  • Access contact-level engagement details for spiking accounts.
  • Send daily email alerts for sales teams and sales managers.
  • Customize your Account Spike dashboards and reports based on your organization structure and business goals.
  • Connect your sales engagement platform and add contacts directly into a relevant sales engagement sequence.
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