How Trustpilot drives account engagement and pipeline with hyper-relevant ABM campaigns


Case Study Overview

The customer

Trustpilot is a consumer review site that allows online and e-commerce businesses to connect with their customers and build brand trust. 

The challenge

Their consumer and business customer base grew rapidly in 2019, resulting in a changing and expanding ICP. The team pivoted to a digital-first ABM strategy to target specific accounts, rather than market segments. 

The payoff

Account Targeting Results for Geo-Specific Campaign:

84% of TAL was reached  

53% of TAL accounts reached visited the site 

45% of TAL account visitors became engaged

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Trustpilot is a consumer review site that allows online and ecommerce businesses to connect with their customers and build brand trust. It helps companies get, manage, showcase, and analyze reviews of their products and services.

Trustpilot was founded in Copenhagen in 2007- it has a large presence across Europe and Australia and has grown an impressive footprint in the U.S. in the last five years. There are more than 123 million reviews of over 570,000 websites on Trustpilot, and it is in the top 1% of most visited websites globally. 

The challenge

In late 2019, Trustpilot’s consumer and business customer base grew rapidly. But with the excitement of this trajectory came its fair share of challenges, including a changing and expanding ideal customer profile (ICP).

To stay focused and effective, the company’s U.S.-based Demand Gen team set out to take an account-based approach across its key initiatives. The team wanted to target specific accounts in their ad campaigns, rather than market segments, for greater impact. They sought an ABM platform to help identify and prioritize lists, and run campaigns that reached the right people in the right accounts at the right time, for better results.

After a thorough evaluation and tests of several ABM vendors, Trustpilot selected RollWorks for its accessible price point and lower CPM, strong reach, and its ability to score, segment and tier Trustpilot’s massive account lists.

The payoff 

To show maximum ROI in just a few months, the Trustpilot team looked to the RollWorks team to focus on several U.S.-based campaigns centered around account targeting and dynamic advertising.

Geo-Specific Campaigns in Chicago and Houston
Trustpilot’s B2B marketing and consumer marketing teams work closely on campaigns. In one campaign, for example, they drove platform growth in two specific geos: Chicago and Houston. The team ran an account-based B2B campaign that piggybacked off of a larger consumer-focused outdoor ad takeover of those two geos. The campaign targeted a narrow list of accounts that were selected as the best fit within Chicago and Houston. Trustpilot used the RollWorks integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce to personalize ads to accounts based on their stage in the funnel. This was critical to delivering an extremely relevant message, in sync with their sales team’s outreach efforts. This geo-specific campaign was a huge success across account reach, influenced revenue, and opportunities. Trustpilot reached 84% of its target accounts, 53% of accounts targeted visited, and 45% of those that visited were engaged.

U.S. Companies with Reviews on Trustpilot
Review collection is the core competency of Trustpilot. Its first RollWorks-powered national campaign was designed to highlight this defining capability. The Trustpilot team and its RollWorks account manager set up a campaign to target businesses that had recently received reviews on First, they set up email outreach asking the business to claim their profile for free, or, if they were already claimed, to get a demo of the paid platform. They also served digital ads to accounts who had reviews. They started with two versions of the ads - one that used only the business name and a star rating image, and another that showed the number of impressions the business’s listing had received. Trustpilot quickly learned that the star rating version was the winner between the two, with a 4x higher CTR.

For this campaign, Trustpilot reached 44% of accounts, 31% visited the website, and 25% if those that visited were engaged. 

Power of Account Scoring 
Early in testing, the Truspilot team realized that they could make an even bigger impact with their budget by narrowing down their massive 10,000 company target account list. They decided to score their target account list using RollWorks Account Scoring to determine which accounts were likely to become new customers. 

RollWorks machine learning technology built a custom predictive model which took the 10,000 accounts and first narrowed the list to 2,000, and then hyper focused to the 500 highest probability prospects on which Trustpilot focused its spend. 

What's ahead 

RollWorks now drives all of Trustpilot's account-based advertising campaigns, and enables them to easily reach key accounts. Since implementing RollWorks, Trustpilot has driven significant uplift across account reach, site visits, engagement and pipeline growth. 

Following the success Trustpilot has seen over its first several RollWorks-powered campaigns, the company will continue to prioritize ABM internationally. It plans on leveraging the RollWorks integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot more, particularly with targeting and advertising, as well as its account-based campaigns into Europe. 




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