How LHP Grew Average Lead Value 3x With RollWorks + HubSpot

October 28, 2022

Case Study Overview for LHP


LHP Engineering Solutions is a leader in the automotive safety space. The company primarily consults with automotive businesses to implement autonomous and electric vehicle safety systems. 


The marketing team wanted to build brand awareness and recognition with key audiences, but they needed to shift from waiting to “get found” to strategically getting in front of potential buyers.


● Significant increase in lead value (3x)
● Decreased Google-direct spend
● Decreased LinkedIn advertising spend
● Decreased Facebook advertising spend 

 THE customer

An Established Industry Leader Ready to Revamp Customer Acquisition.

As a veteran in the automotive safety space, LHP has serviced big names in the transportation industry for over 20 years without relying on marketing.

But when the pandemic put a halt on in-person interactions and direct sales efforts, the marketing team knew they needed to get serious about tapping into key audiences.

“Historically, we’ve dealt mostly with internal combustion companies for traditional gas vehicles, but as we transitioned into more autonomous and electronic vehicle (EV) startups and mid-level companies, we needed effective ways to reach them.” — Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy.

To start building awareness in the EV space, LHP adopted a simple approach to ABM—some paid social, email, and display—but they quickly realized they needed something more robust.


Reach and Retarget Specific Audience Segments to Cost-Effectively Advance Account Progression.  

In their first stab at ABM, the marketing team relied on a combination of paid social and retargeting through the company website with mixed results and uneven ROI.

To gain more visibility into ABM activities—and build more predictable revenue plays—LHP partnered with RollWorks in 2021 with three core strategies in mind:

  • Target and advance accounts in EV space

  • Reach $1BN+ companies in EV space

  • General retargeting

But successfully executing these strategies meant securing a cost-effective way to not only reach but also meaningfully track and engage more of the right people.

THE solution 

Leverage RollWorks + HubSpot Integration to Track and Act on Account Engagement

The first step for LHP was connecting RollWorks with their CRM, HubSpot. 

“The data has been incredibly useful, from intent topics to who’s playing on our website or engaging with our ads. We track leads coming from RollWorks weekly. From there, dashboards in HubSpot show us who came in, and we’re able to pass that along to SDRs to follow up.” — Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy

In keeping with their goals, the team primarily focuses on how many leads move down the funnel in a given month or quarter, which is a significant shift for LHP.

“If we didn’t have the integration, we’d just be tracking vanity metrics like CTRs, impressions, and clicks. Because marketing was never seen as a lead generator until a few years ago, we have to show the return for any investment we make. Being able to do that from the connection between RollWorks and HubSpot is fantastic.” — Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy

To encourage better alignment with sales, the marketing team also instituted monthly meetings to share metrics and trends.

THE payoff 

Increased Lead Value, More Quality Leads, Less Social Media Advertising Spend.

Since choosing RollWorks as its ABM partner, LHP has increased leads, brand awareness, and lead quality tenfold.

“Since introducing RollWorks over the past 16-18 months, we’ve seen an incremental jump in the quality of leads we’re reaching, as well as the value of those leads. This year alone we’re already seeing 3X the value of leads year on year.” — Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy

In 2022, the company saw so much ROI with RollWorks that the marketing team decreased Google-direct spend and cut back significantly on LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.

“We were doing the same thing on LinkedIn, but spending 3x as much and not seeing nearly the same results. RollWorks is getting visibility to customers we otherwise wouldn’t for a relatively low cost.” — Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy

The new investment strategy is working. With three recently closed $1M deals under its belt, the marketing team can confidently attribute these wins to the brand awareness and retargeting plays that RollWorks enables.

“Partnering with RollWorks has been incredible for our pipeline. It would never be on that list to cut the budget. We’re putting more into RollWorks because it benefits the business.” — Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy

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