Advocating for ABM: Creating a Business Case for Investing in Account-Based Marketing

November 7, 2023

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), let’s cut through the uncertainty and get straight to the point: ABM is your ticket to a more targeted, efficient, and competitive marketing strategy.

We get it —  making a business case for ABM can seem daunting, especially when you need to convince the powers that be, including that eagle-eyed CEO. But here’s the deal: ABM is your secret weapon for smarter marketing, promising savings, a notable uptick in deal wins, and a beefed-up competitive edge.

And sure, there might be challenges ahead — small marketing teams, a shortage of data for pinpointing prime accounts, or the age-old battle for alignment between sales and marketing. But that’s precisely where we thrive. RollWorks is here to simplify the ABM journey, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and transformation.

In the following sections, we’ll guide you through creating a united front between sales and marketing, ensuring alignment, accountability, and unbreakable advocacy. We’ll lay down the steps to crafting an irrefutable business case, spotlighting the ROI you can’t ignore, the power of shorter sales cycles, and the critical role of data-driven insights.

Ready to make your marketing count, stand out in a crowded market, and drive results that matter? Let’s do this. 

Thinking Like a CEO

When selling ABM internally, especially to the top brass like your CEO, it’s crucial to speak their language and tap into their mindset. CEOs are laser-focused on the bottom line, growth, and staying a step ahead of the competition. So, let’s break it down in terms they can’t ignore

How ABM Saves Time and Money

With ABM, we’re not just casting a wide net and hoping for the best. We’re sniper-precise, targeting accounts that show real potential. ABM is efficient and cost-effective. By channeling our resources and efforts where they matter most, we cut through the noise, save time, and ultimately save money.

Securing More Wins and Deals

ABM is about quality, not quantity. When we target accounts that are primed and ready, our hit rate skyrockets. Our messages hit harder, resonate deeper, and are more likely to convert. It’s a strategy designed to win, placing us in the perfect position to seal more deals and celebrate more victories.

Amping Up Our Competitive Edge

By understanding our accounts on a deeper level, creating personalized experiences, and delivering content that matters, we’re not just in the game — we’re leading it. 

Addressing the Pain Points: Small Teams, Big Goals

Let’s face it —  we’re not all working with unlimited budgets and sprawling marketing teams. But that’s the beauty of ABM — it’s tailor-made for teams that need to do more with less. By focusing our efforts on high-value accounts, our small but mighty team becomes a force to be reckoned with.

One of the perennial challenges for marketing teams is knowing where to focus. ABM strips away the guesswork, providing a data-driven approach to account prioritization. With RollWorks, we have the account data foundation to confidently point our resources in the right direction.

Tired of the sales-marketing tug-of-war? ABM is the peacekeeper. By aligning sales and marketing efforts on target accounts, we create a unified front, driving better results and fostering a sense of collaboration. It’s about increasing Top of Funnel (TOF) coverage and ensuring that when marketing speaks, sales listens — and vice versa.

Aligning Sales and Marketing for Success

When sales and marketing march to the beat of the same drum, incredible things happen. We create a powerhouse of precision, effectiveness, and undeniable impact. But how do we turn this dream team scenario into our everyday reality? Let’s dive in.

Alignment: Two Teams, One Mission

With ABM at our core, sales and marketing become inseparable. We’re talking about a symbiotic relationship where both teams feed off each other’s energy, insights, and successes. This is where strategies are sharpened, targets are hit, and results are celebrated — together. With this alignment, building an ABM marketing plan becomes a much more streamlined process.

Accountability: Owning Our Outcomes

Every play, every campaign, and every interaction is a chance to shine. And with ABM, accountability is built right in. Sales know their targets, marketing knows their content, and together, we own our outcomes. There’s no blame game here, just a united front and a clear path to success.

Visibility: Seeing is Believing

In the world of ABM, visibility is everything. It’s about having a clear line of sight on our accounts, campaigns, and progress. RollWorks doesn’t just offer a glimpse—it provides a panoramic view, ensuring that both sales and marketing are in the know and on the ball.

Advocacy: Championing Each Other’s Success

When sales wins, marketing wins — and vice versa. This is a culture of advocacy, where both revenue teams champion each other’s successes, learn from each other’s experiences, and drive towards common goals. It’s not just collaboration — it’s a celebration of what we can achieve together.

Building the Business Case: Proving ABM’s Worth

Ready to make the business case for ABM? Let’s roll out the facts, the figures, and the undeniable success stories that prove ABM is the next step in your sales success.

Let’s talk returns. With ABM, the ROI isn’t just promising — it’s palpable. We’re talking about increased conversion rates, shortened sales cycles, and a revenue boost that’s hard to ignore. And with RollWorks, those numbers just keep climbing.

With RollWorks, data isn’t just a buzzword — it’s the backbone of everything we do. Our platform offers insights that inspire action, drive strategies, and deliver results. This is data-driven decision-making at its finest, and it’s what sets ABM apart in a world cluttered with guesswork.

When it’s time to make the business case for ABM, quantifiable data and relevant benchmarks are our secret weapons. They turn “maybe” into “definitely” and “we’ll think about it” into “let’s get started.” This is the power of data, and it’s the power of ABM.

Laying Down the Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide to ABM Success

Ready to navigate the ABM terrain with precision and purpose? It’s time to roll out the roadmap and chart a course straight to success. Here is a step-by-step guide to take you from ABM aspiration to undeniable achievement, ensuring that every move you make is strategic, impactful, and geared toward victory. 

Step 1: Tailoring the Solution

We kick things off by diving deep into our pain points and crafting a solution that’s as unique as our business. This is ABM tailored to fit, and it’s where our journey begins. RollWorks doesn’t do one-size-fits-all — we’re here to create a strategy that aligns with your specific goals, resources, and market. Whether you're a small team looking to make a big impact or a large enterprise aiming to refine your approach, we adjust the dials to match your unique frequency.

Step 2: Crafting a Persuasive Narrative

Next up, it’s storytime. But this isn’t just any story — it’s a persuasive narrative that resonates, inspires, and convinces. This is where we bring ABM to life and make our case with passion and precision. RollWorks helps you articulate the value of ABM in terms that stakeholders can't ignore, painting a vivid picture of potential gains, efficiency improvements, and the competitive edge that ABM brings to the table.

Step 3: KPIs and Success Metrics: Setting Our Sights on Success

With our story in place, it’s time to talk KPIs and success metrics. What does victory look like? How will we measure success? These are the questions we answer as we set our sights on the prize. RollWorks aids in defining clear, tangible goals that align with your business objectives, ensuring that every step we take is measurable, trackable, and tied to real-world results.

Step 4: Charting the Path Forward

Now, with our goals in clear view, we chart the path forward. This is our roadmap to success, our plan of attack, and the blueprint for our ABM adventure. RollWorks provides the tools and insights to not only plan your journey but to navigate it with agility. We help identify the accounts that matter, engage buying committees with precision, and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

Step 5: Bracing for Questions: Prepping for the Curveballs

Last but not least, we brace for questions and prep for the curveballs. We’re ready to tackle the “what ifs,” the “how comes,” and the “are we sures.” This is where confidence meets preparation, and it’s how we turn skeptics into believers. 

RollWorks ensures you’re armed with data, success stories, and a watertight business case, ready to address any doubts head-on and secure the buy-in you need to make ABM a resounding success.

Strategies to Address Cost and Efficacy Doubts

When making the case for ABM, you might face a wave of skepticism. Common pushbacks? "It’s too pricey," or "What if it doesn’t work?" Here’s how to address these concerns, transforming doubts into undeniable confidence.

  • Investment or Expense? Framing the ABM Narrative

RollWorks isn’t just another line item on your expense report — it’s your secret weapon to outpace the competition and secure your spot at the top. When faced with sticker shock, put things in perspective.

  • The Financial Facet of ABM

Consider the broader financial landscape of your organization. Where are resources being drained with minimal return? How can adopting ABM not just cut costs, but also redirect funds towards more profitable endeavors? RollWorks doesn’t just fit into your budget — it reshapes it for maximum efficacy.

  • Building a Bulletproof Business Case

Let’s talk about ROI — return on investment, the magic words every executive wants to hear. With RollWorks, you're not just making a purchase —  =you're investing in a proven system. It's about laying out your assumptions, showcasing the potential gains, and painting a picture of a future where your marketing efforts aren’t just seen — they’re felt across the entire company.

  • Scalability and Competitiveness

ABM with RollWorks isn’t a one-and-done deal — it’s a long-term strategy that evolves with your company. It's about staying competitive today and ensuring scalability for tomorrow. When the question of cost arises, highlight the foresight of investing in a solution that grows with you, securing not just immediate wins but also future success.

Sealing the Deal: Why RollWorks is Your ABM Ace

Alright, let’s land this plane. Investing in ABM is not just a smart move — it’s a game changer, and with RollWorks, you're choosing a partner that’s as bold and forward-thinking as you are. 

We’re here to cut through the noise, helping you zero in on the accounts that matter most, ensuring your marketing dollars are working overtime. Whether you’re running a lean, mean marketing team or leading the charge in a Fortune 500 giant, we’ve got the goods to amplify your efforts and make every move count.

Ready to turn possibilities into certainties? It’s time to give RollWorks a whirl. Reach out to request a demo and kickstart a journey with a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are.


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