Don't Break the Bank: How Small B2B Teams Can Achieve Their Goals on a Budget

When it comes to small B2B marketing teams, there's a common misconception that you need a giant and expensive tech stack to be at the top of your game. In fact, 37% of B2B marketers say their biggest challenge when implementing marketing technology are budget constraints. Whether you're part of a small marketing team or your team is shrinking due to recent industry layoffs, your marketing budget may be shrinking too.

We also want to point out another myth, that there is ‘one platform that can do it all’. Sounds nice, but the truth is platforms that make this claim usually don’t meet you where you are AND are unlikely to integrate with your current tools to create a budget friendly stack thats right for you. Claims like this often give ABM a bad rep leading marketers to believe that ABM takes a long time to up and running.

We get it. It can feel daunting and almost impossible to see the light at the end of the funnel, but it's important to remember that success doesn't have to come at a high cost and ABM doesn't take long to implement.

"Now more than ever, marketers are being asked to “do more with less”—- less budget, smaller teams, and overall smaller tech stacks. There’s a misconception out there that you need the largest tools to reach KPIs. Especially for ABM. But the reality is you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability to be successful." — Mallory Mullan, Fractional CMO and ABM Advisor

Make the most of your marketing budget 

Like any stable foundation, building a bullet-proof tech stack from the ground up is crucial for any successful company. Whether your budget is $20,000 or you’re flexing in the millions per year, getting operational workflows, data, and automation in place to hit ABM KPIs is essential in the early stages of your business. Consider the following to determine value over cost:

  1. How do you optimize conversion rates across channels while focusing on the best prospects? We recommend to ABMify existing channels and don’t miss out on in-market accounts.
  2. Scope vendors that could help not only optimize my spending but fit into the tech stack and current workflows. Your tech should be automating and augmenting your impact, so look at vendors who can optimize your budget and meet you where you're at.
  3. Where do you have flexibility to shift budget AND get leadership on board? Reshuffle your discretionary budget once you’ve optimized channels and vendors and approach leadership with your final numbers.

Use marketing solutions that meet you where you are

With the right tools, small b2b marketing teams can achieve their goals and build a strong foundation for growth without breaking the bank. Here are a few of our partners and their solutions that can be incredibly useful and affordable for small B2B marketing teams:

  • HubSpot: The all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform offers a wide range of features including email marketing, landing pages, and analytics.
  • Google Analytics: This powerful web analytics tool offers a wide range of features including visitor tracking, user behavior analysis, and conversion tracking. 
  •  LinkedIn: Generate demand easily, identify target accounts, engage them across ad channels, and optimize based on performance, all on the leading B2B network. 
  • Outreach: Take immediate action on key contacts within target accounts for better and more effective selling.
  •  G2: Identify and prioritize in-market accounts researching your product, category, and competitors.
  •  Uberflip: Create engaging personalized content experiences throughout the customer journey.
  •  Opensense: Unify campaign messages across display and email channels.
  • Create automated offline campaigns that will engage the right accounts and contacts at the right time in their buying journeys.
  • Sendoso:  The most effective way to engage with customers and drive revenue with personalized gifts, branded swag, eGifts, Cameos, virtual experiences, and more.

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