Crash Course on Intent Data: 3 Tactics for Better ABM Campaign Results

May 1, 2024

Mastering the intricate dance of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) isn't about taking wild swings in the hope of hitting a high-value target. Think of ABM as aiming for that elusive piñata—the sparkle-filled unicorn that everyone's after. Without insight, it's just swings in the dark, but with the right tools, you can strike with precision every single time. 

Intent data is that game-changer, guiding you to hone in on your potential clients' needs. In the complex game of ABM, where tailored strategies are crucial for engaging a select set of high-value accounts, intent data is the compass that keeps you on track. It's not just about targeting but understanding, engaging, and winning over those critical accounts.

Surprisingly, only 21% of marketers are currently utilizing intent data for their account-based initiatives, positioning those who do to stand distinctively above the competition.

So, are you ready to turn those blindfolded swings into precise, impactful strikes? Join us as we explore the transformative power of intent data and share three strategies to supercharge your ABM campaigns. Whether you're an ABM veteran or just setting foot on this journey, let's harness the magic of intent-driven strategies together.

What is Intent Data?

Imagine having a crystal ball that can tell you precisely when your prospects are considering solutions like yours. Well, intent data is that magical tool in the digital marketing realm. Intent data captures the digital footprints of potential clients, showcasing the 'why' behind their online activities. It indicates the products and services companies are interested in purchasing or using through empirical evidence, usually by tracking online behavior.

Now, let's talk nuances. There are two main types of intent data: Explicit and Implicit.

Explicit Intent Data is direct. Think of it as your prospects raising their hands and shouting, "Hey! I'm interested!" These are your form fills, download requests, and direct inquiries—undeniable signs that a prospect is interested.

On the flip side, Implicit Intent Data is a bit more Sherlock Holmes. It's all about the detective work, deciphering clues from a prospect's behavior, like which articles they're reading, the webinars they're attending, or even the competitors they're researching.

But why all the buzz around intent data? Because it's the game-changer, turning marketing from a guessing game into a sharp, data-driven tactic that can bring certainty to the ROI of your ABM strategy. With intent data, you're not just casting a wide net but precision targeting based on genuine interest.

The Role of Intent Data in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing is all about quality over quantity. Why chase every fish in the sea when you can go straight for the prize catch? With intent data, you can prioritize accounts showing genuine interest, ensuring your efforts and resources are laser-focused on the hottest leads.

The alignment between sales and marketing has never been more crucial. According to Salesforce’s State of Marketing Report, 89% of B2B marketers lean on an ABM platform to create a seamless, personalized journey across departments. It’s about delivering an end-to-end experience that meets the high expectations of today's B2B customers.

Say goodbye to the age-old sales-marketing tug-of-war. Armed with intent data, both teams draw from the same well of insight, marching to the same rhythm. Sales can zero in on the most promising accounts while marketing crafts content that truly strikes a chord. This supportive synergy propels success, transforming potential friction into fluid collaboration.

And let's not forget: behind every data point is an individual with a unique journey. Intent data goes beyond just spotting prospects—it's about deeply understanding their needs, dreams, and hurdles. By crafting your outreach around intent, you're forging authentic, timely, and genuine relationships.

Quick Win Tactics with Intent Data

Every marketer dreams of quick wins. Those golden opportunities not only prove the effectiveness of your intent-based strategies but also provide instant gratification. Quick wins with intent data are all about those delightful 'aha!' moments when you realize you've efficiently turned a browser into a buyer or a skeptic into a subscriber.

But why are these quick wins so crucial? Because they're not just victories for the marketing team—they're proof points that show stakeholders, "Hey, our approach is working, and here's the immediate impact!" These are the shining moments where you effectively leverage intent data, showing the bold power of your strategies.

Website Retargeting Playbook: Turning Browsers into Buyers

First things first, start with your list of accounts. These aren't just any accounts—they're those that have shown a keen interest, maybe lingered on a product page, or interacted with a webinar sign-up but haven't taken that final plunge.

When you address these accounts, it's all about creative strategies. Remember, they've seen your offer once. So now, lure them back with something even more irresistible. Maybe it's the same offer but with a twist, or perhaps an asset with fewer hoops to jump through, aka no form fills.

And like every sharp marketer, always be ready to measure and tweak. Not every retargeting attempt will hit the bullseye from the get-go. Monitor your results, see what's resonating, and pivot if necessary. 

Review Site Retargeting Playbook: Harnessing Third-party Credibility

Start by assembling a list of high-intent accounts. These potential clients are not just browsing randomly—they're looking at review sites, trying to weigh their options.

Now, armed with that list, it's time to get creative. Your marketing assets should reflect and address this research behavior. They're looking for trust signals, so give them testimonials, case studies, or third-party validations that make their decision easier. This can be additional awards or recognition from other review sites, customer voice content, or industry-specific content offers, 

And always, always be in the mode to monitor and optimize. The world of review sites is huge, and each potential client will have unique pain points and needs. Use your intent data, see what's working, and keep refining your approach.

Brand Keyword Intent Playbook: Capturing Active Searchers

Like the other tactics, the first step in brand keyword intent is compiling your account list. These are prospects actively searching for keywords related to your brand or industry. They're warm, they're curious, and they're almost ready to bite.

With this list in tow, the next step is designing creative marketing collaterals. Direct this traffic to assets that further solidify your brand's positioning. Whether it's an enlightening blog post, an engaging video, or a detailed product breakdown, make sure it's tailored to their search intent.

Embracing the Power of Intent Data in ABM

In today's digital landscape, it's no longer enough to simply cast a wide net and hope for the best. Modern marketing, especially ABM, demands precision, audacity, and a sharp understanding of intent. It's about recognizing those subtle digital hints—a site visit, a keyword search, a lingering on a product review—and turning them into actionable insights.

Looking ahead, the role of intent data in shaping marketing strategies will only grow. And understanding their needs, motivations, and moments of decision will continue to be necessary. Having a partner like RollWorks can make all the difference in this journey. With its data-driven approach, tailored solutions, and supportive mindset, RollWorks is a partner for all intent-driven marketers.

So, next time you plan your account-based marketing strategy, think of intent data as your trusty compass—always pointing you toward opportunities, efficiencies, and growth. Ready to take the leap? Dive deeper with RollWorks, and let's turn intent into action.

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