Why choose ABM? The future of B2B marketing

Explore the benefits and impact of ABM in driving successful B2B campaigns.

Why ABM Hero

Why ABM?

According to the Sirius Decisions 2019 Account-Based Marketing Guide:

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Better Engagement

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said account engagement was higher for ABM accounts

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Improved Win Rate

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said win rate was higher for ABM accounts

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Higher Deal Size

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said average deal size was higher in ABM accounts

Engage the right people in the right accounts

Focus your marketing investment to reach the specific accounts & buyers you care about—on any device and across multiple channels. ABM software lets you build lists based on firmographic data as well as intent & engagement signals. Learn More >>

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Integrate marketing and sales to close deals faster

By connecting your CRM or MAP, an ABM platform can update messages as targets progress through your pipeline. That way, marketing and sales are saying the same thing to prospects.

B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster growth and 27% faster profit growth over a three year period.”

—Sirius Decisions

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Invest more efficiently

Whether you’re focused on converting inbound traffic, targeting an ideal customer profile, or nurturing a tiered target account list, ABM software can make your investments more effective. Watch a 5-min Demo >

Because RollWorks targets more efficiently, we’re actually spending less than 50% of what we had spent to get a visit to our site. ”

—Tina Cabanez, Director of Marketing, Transpay

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10 reasons B2B marketers use ABM

No matter your funnel challenge, an account-based approach can help.

  1. Drive brand awareness

  2. Generate sales opportunities

  3. Support customer retention

  4. Provide marketing "air cover" for sales

  5. Accelerate pipeline

  6. Create expansion opportunities

  7. Drive product adoption

  8. Expand into a new segment

  9. Improve win rates

  10. Grow revenue faster

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