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Looking for the best ABM software for your account based marketing? See why the RollWorks Account-Based Marketing Platform is proven to deliver over 5x the ROI of other account-based marketing platformsWe help B2B marketing and sales teams align, so they can reach key accounts and their goals. 

RollWorks ABM software features 

RollWorks ABM software allows you to leverage data and machine learning in order to identify your target accounts and engage them across channels —and of course, measure your impact. The data capabilities of our ABM software let you filter by multiple target account attributes including industry, company, department, revenue, and more to best-fit lists. Our highly targeted ABM programs let you layer in CRM and marketing automation data and reach the visitors you care about most.

With RollWorks, you can reach accounts across channels—at the right time, in the right place. With hyper-targeted reach and machine learning, you can focus your investments strategically to reach the specific people you care about—on any device and across multiple touch points. See how it works

The B2B marketing landscape is complex and challenging. Our ABM platform works to identify, engage, and measure target accounts regardless of budget or ABM experience. Simply put: ’ll help you scale your marketing. Read more about our solutions. 

Integrate marketing and sales tools to close deals faster

Our highly targeted ABM programs also let you layer in CRM and marketing automation data and reach the visitors you care about most. By connecting your CRM or MAP, our ABM software tools update marketing messages in systems of record as targets progress through your pipeline. That way, marketing and sales are aligned on messaging as target accounts move through the funnel.

Everything you need to know about ABM software

Account based marketing is popular for a reason. From startup to post-IPO sized companies, and everything in between, RollWorks helps B2B marketers reach the right audience at the right time. ABM’s highly targeted campaigns ensure you’re maximizing your marketing efforts by harnessing the power of data driven machine learning and marketing automation. Account-based marketing software like RollWorks, makes reaching and selling to high-value accounts easier than ever. 

Here are some of the reasons why ABM software can help you:

1. Better targeting 

A core part of ABM is improved efficiency in building high-fit target account lists. ABM gives teams the tools they need to identify key target accounts with the best chance of turning into customers. 

2. Better reach 

Whether they’re aware or unaware, ABM software helps you reach accounts wherever they are across the web. With specific audiences identified, ABM software can then help you personalize and tailor your messages to each audience. ABM takes personalization to the next level by developing content based not only on accounts, but also based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. These personalization efforts help marketing and sales better collaborate and effectively message those accounts. 

3. Faster sales cycles and more revenue

Faster sales cycles and more revenue are another, if not the most important, benefit of ABM. By knowing which accounts to focus on and to put your budget behind, less time and money is wasted moving accounts through the pipeline. Maximizing the value and return on your investments from your marketing campaign efforts is what makes ABM every marketer’s secret weapon.

4. Marketing and sales alignment 

ABM requires marketing and sales teams to work closely together to identify target accounts, develop a multi-touch messaging strategy, and monitor campaign progress. Additionally, teams use the same account-based analytics to measure the effectiveness and impact of campaigns. By knowing the results of each individual ABM campaign component, you can build and adjust more effective campaigns to lead to more revenue. 

ABM is the next level of B2B marketing focused on driving high-value demand. 

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Identification Solution

Identify your ideal customer profile, target accounts, and key buyers.

Use your data, plus ours to build the foundation for your account-based marketing programs via:

  • ICP Insights—Become more account-based by defining your ICP using firmographic attributes based on your website traffic.
  • Target Account Selection—Build a new target account list, or optimize an existing one using our robust account database.
  • Account Intent—Discover and engage with key decision makers at target accounts who are actively in-market for products like yours.
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Engagement Solution

Engage high-fit accounts through multi-channel (display, video, social, and email) campaigns.

Build and execute targeted and personalized ABM programs at scale through:

  • Account-Based Ads—Build domain and firmographic based audiences to drive traffic from the personas you care about at key accounts.
  • Retargeting—Drive users back to your site for continued engagement. Target CRM and marketing automation lists to reach the visitors you care about most.
  • LinkedIn Advertising—Amplify your ABM strategy by leveraging LinkedIn Ads to reach your target audience where they spend their time.
  • Personalized Ads—Serve highly relevant ads enhanced with dynamic messaging.
  • Sales Automation—Automate emails from your sales reps with triggered follow-ups to increase coverage.

Learn more about our Engagement Solution

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Measurement Solution

Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs

Measure in our dash or directly within your CRM or marketing automation platform:

  • Sales Insights—Keep your sellers informed of spiking engagement from their owned accounts through daily email notifications.
  • Account-Based Dashboard—Track campaign impact across your account-based program with metrics on engagement, lift, and influenced opportunities and revenue.
  • Sales Automation Reporting—Review the results of your sales automation emails with detailed reporting broken out by sequence and sales reps.
  • Bi-Directional CRM and Marketing Automation Integrations—See performance data directly in Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot.
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Hundreds of customers depend on the RollWorks Account-Based Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in a B2B Lead Generation company


A: All businesses are different, and the tactics that work for some may not work for all. But one thing is certain for all B2B companies, driving leads and engagement is key to creating revenue and customers for your brand. From advertising, sales automation and email marketing, to field events, conferences and webinars, there are tons of inbound marketing tactics and channels that a platform like RollWorks can run or assist with in delivering value to your prospects. More importantly, RollWorks can help drive the leads you are actually looking for. Here at RollWorks, we like to believe that the effective B2B Lead Generation comes in the form of ABM (account-based marketing).


A: ABM is different from traditional B2B lead gen in the sense that traditional lead gen tactics often involve spraying and praying your offers to the largest audience possible in hopes that you will get as many leads as possible in the hopes that your sales team converts them. It becomes mostly about the quantity of leads you can drive in a given period. On the contrary, with ABM, you will work alongside your sales team and utilize a data-driven approach to determine who the ideal accounts and buyers within those accounts are that are the best fit for your products and services.


A: Pivoting to an account-based marketing and sales strategy requires a fair amount of work upfront in order to build a foundation of data to power your campaigns. Also, it is important to note that ABM shouldn’t replace your entire strategy, rather it should be a way to be more efficient in your ability to align and dedicate resources towards focused programs. When shifting to ABM, you will certainly begin to see a drop in volume of leads, but the idea is that the leads you do drive are the most qualified leads possible from accounts that your sales team is actively pursuing. Qualified appointment setting for sellers will increase, and conversion rate from lead to opportunity will as well.

Moving towards ABM also means you are looking at account level engagement, pipeline from target accounts, and deal size and speed rather than purely responses, MQLs, and SQLs. With this in mind, buy-in from leadership and executives is necessary before considering ABM tools to support your B2B lead gen efforts. Luckily, here at RollWorks we have a team of experts that are here to help you get that buy in by planning, aligning, and eventually building and executing campaigns. However, putting in the groundwork to get buy-in is the first step. Check out our blog post to get tips on how to start the conversation with your leadership and executive teams.

More Frequently Asked Questions


A: The foundation of any B2B lead generation or ABM strategy should be data. Understanding who is coming to your website, who is interested in the solutions you offer, which companies are a good fit for your business model, etc are key to driving the right impact.

If you don’t have the tools or processes in place to get an understanding of the above, RollWorks is here to help. Our Identification Solution is one of three pillars of our platform. This solution, powered by deep partnerships with B2B data providers as well as our own proprietary data helps you understand the firmographic composition of your website traffic. Once you understand your web visitors, you can upload and use data about your current customers in the platform to build a list of accounts that are similar to your customers that have been scored, guaranteeing efficient program targeting.

From there, you can leverage the RollWorks B2B contact database to build lists of contacts at target accounts to engage with via sales automation emails, as well as execute social media advertising, video advertising and highly targeted display advertising campaigns with robust reporting.


A: This is a question that comes up a lot and contrary to the belief of many, not all ABM solutions are expensive. RollWorks is on a mission to level the playing field for companies trying to transform from leveraging traditional B2B lead generation companies to executing ABM programs at scale. We have created flexible and affordable packages that can align to both your budget and ABM readiness. Be sure to check out our pricing page for an idea of what our packages consist of and cost.


A: Most ABM solutions make an effort to build integrations with the systems of record you already trust like marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management) platforms. That is no different at RollWorks. In fact, we take a partner first approach when it comes to building out our product. In order to be truly effective the technology and systems you use have to talk to and work with each other to create the best experiences and deliver the most insightful data for your team to leverage and report on. We connect with several systems such as Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Opensense, and have several APIs that can be leveraged by other platforms if needed.