Engagement Solution

Tango with your target accounts

Engage high-fit accounts (even without a target account list) with digital advertising and sales automation.

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Take the lead with your account-based programs

Whether running B2B lead-generation campaigns or highly-targeted account-based marketing (ABM) programs, you now have a solution to grow revenue like never before.

Run cross-channel programs

Power any strategy with our ad targeting. Reach and influence accounts with audience data you already have.

Reach key decision makers

Target specific contacts, not just accounts. Our cookie-level targeting ensures you reach the right people.

Multi-channel surround sound

Surround targets with effective personalized messages. Coordinate sales and marketing to work in sync.

Digital Advertising

Reach contacts and get them to close—wherever they are online.

  • TAL targeting—Reach buyers on your target account list (TAL)—and those that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).

  • CRM/MAP targeting—Serve highly relevant ads with consistent messaging across sales and marketing synced to CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP) data.

  • Retargeting—Reach the 98% of high-intent site visitors who haven’t converted with retargeting ads.

  • Account-based retargeting—Once a target account contact visits your site, expand your targeting to multiple people within their company buying committee. (Really.) Learn more >

  • Lookalike targeting—Pinpoint audiences that look and act like your best customers.

Digital Advertising
Sales Outreach
Sales Outreach

Convert more leads faster by coordinating sales and marketing

  • Sales automation—Automate personalized email outreach for key decision makers. Follow-up emails are triggered based on engagement so sales reps can focus on the contacts who are ready to talk. Layer personalized ads with SDR outreach to book more appointments.

Sales Outreach
CRM and MAP Connectors

Get sales and marketing working in lockstep

Integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot to sync information bidirectionally. Ensure message consistency linked to role, account name, lead score, opportunity stage, and more.

CRM and MAP Connectors

Take the lead with RollWorks today

The account-based platform that’s been shown to deliver over 5X the ROI compared to other ABM vendors.

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