Personalization in B2B Marketing: How RollWorks Can Help You Connect with Your Target Audience

September 12, 2023

In the age of digital connectivity and customer-centric marketing, personalization is no longer a nice-to-have — it's a make-or-break strategy for standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Gone are the days of playing a numbers game in B2B marketing. It's time to replace the wide net with a precision-targeted fishing line, catching the right customer with the right message at just the right moment. With the power of AI and big data at our fingertips, personalizing your marketing on a grand scale isn't just a pie-in-the-sky dream — it's a must-have.

In this deep dive, we'll unpack the ins and outs of personalization in B2B marketing and show you how RollWorks can help turn your business from a 'jack of all trades' into a master of one — reaching your target audience in ways that are deeper, more meaningful, and seriously impactful for the customer experience.

Let's get started.

What is Personalization in B2B Marketing?

Picture this: you walk into a store, and the salesperson knows your name, remembers your favorite products, and understands your needs. Sounds dreamy, right? That's essentially what personalization in B2B marketing is all about — it's about knowing your business customers like the back of your hand and tailoring everything you do to their unique needs and wants. 

The buyer’s journey can be shaped to the user experience you want to deliver using relevant B2B content like landing pages, calls to action, LinkedIn and other social media platform ads, and even website personalization. You can use your customer data to optimize their buying process at various touchpoints to create unique experiences that lead to more qualified leads. 

The Importance of Personalization in B2B Marketing

The B2B world is changing. Like in the B2C arena, B2B companies demand more bang for their buck. They want relevance, and personalization is the magic word that separates the wheat from the chaff in this crowded market.

According to McKinsey & Company, 71% of consumers expect companies to bring their 'A' game to personalized interactions. Even more telling, 76% of them get frustrated when companies drop the ball on this.

But here's the kicker: personalization isn't just about making customers happy — it's a serious business growth accelerator. The McKinsey study showed that the companies nailing growth are driving 40% more of their revenue from personalization than the businesses stuck in the slow lane. Talk about some powerful incentives to get personalization right!

Demystifying B2B and B2C Personalization

Personalization is the name of the game in both B2B and B2C worlds. But here's the thing: the playbook changes depending on the field you're playing on.

In B2B personalization, you're not just wooing one person — you're dealing with an entire team of decision-makers — 6 to 10, according to Gartner. You're also navigating longer relationships, complex sales cycles, and, let's not forget — pretty hefty transactions.

B2C is more like a series of quick one-on-one matches. You're connecting with individual consumers, tapping into their personal likes, dislikes, and buying habits, and often, you're playing to the impulse to buy.

According to Salesforce's State of the Connected Customer Report, 73% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, which is where personalized marketing comes in.

Why does this all matter? Because knowing the ground rules of the game — whether it's B2B or B2C — can make a huge difference in how you craft your personalization playbook. Understanding these unique characteristics can help you nail your strategy, pick the right tools, and score big with your personalization efforts.

Personalization at Scale: A Reality in Today's B2B Landscape

Scaling personalization with your B2B marketing strategy used to be like climbing Everest. Between the complex transactions, multiple decision-makers, and long sales cycles, personalization at scale seemed like a pipe dream. But guess what? The game has changed.

Thanks to marketing automation, AI, and big data, personalizing at scale is not only possible, it's becoming the norm. Forget 'one size fits all' — we can now serve up tailored digital marketing campaigns to individual businesses faster than you can say "personalization."

And platforms like RollWorks are leading the charge. We're armed with the tools to segment audiences, customize messages, and automate delivery, making personalization at scale a reality in today's B2B landscape.

The Benefits of Personalization in B2B Marketing

Do you want to know the secret sauce of successful B2B marketing? It's personalization. It's like having a backstage pass to a concert — it gets you closer to your audience and makes your message hit home.

First, personalization in B2B marketing is like rocket fuel for customer engagement and satisfaction. By serving up experiences that speak directly to a business's needs and pain points, you're making your marketing efforts irresistible and getting more eyeballs on your content.

But that's not all. Personalization is also your best friend when pumping up conversion rates and revenue. When businesses feel like you're speaking their language, they're more likely to dig what you're offering and put their money where their mouth is. In fact, Salesforce found that 97% of marketers using personalization have seen a measurably positive impact on ROI.

And the cherry on top? Personalization is your ticket to long-term customer relationships and loyalty. McKinsey found that 78% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if brands offer up a personalized experience. So, it's no surprise that personalization is making a big splash in the loyalty pool, especially for B2B customers. The more tailored the experience, the more customers feel seen and understood, leading to a deeper connection with brands. 

Practical Examples of B2B Marketing Personalization

Need some real-world examples? Personalization comes in many forms, from website experience to conversational marketing, email and SMS, and account-based marketing (ABM). Here are a few to take note of.

Email Marketing Example

If your emails are vanishing into the void of your audience's inboxes, then personalization might be the lifeline you need. It's a simple equation: Personalization equals attention.

Email campaigns with personalized subject lines have a 26% better chance of seeing the light of day. And that's not even the pinnacle of personalization's potential.

Take segmented campaigns as an example. These smartly curated, highly targeted efforts have sparked a 760% increase in revenue. So, it's clear that email personalization isn't just a nice-to-have — it's a revenue-driving powerhouse.

Website Content Example

Ever thought about your B2B website rolling out the red carpet for returning leads? Well, that's precisely what RollWorks does. Our homepage doesn't just sit there passively but actively engages with returning site visitors. 

The customized chatbot is always present, always helpful, and always ready to help visitors take the next step with RollWorks, even recognizing when someone has already been on the site and clicking through but hasn't yet requested a demo.

Account-Based Marketing Example

Picture ABM is like casting a wider net, but with a very specific catch in mind. Instead of reeling in individuals, you're aiming to hook an entire company or organization. The game plan? Go all out to convert that one big fish — the buyer.

Given the craft and attention marketers put into tailoring ABM campaigns, it's not a huge shocker that 87% of them say that ABM campaigns outperform generic ones. That's the power of personalization in action.

One of the standout examples of ABM comes from none other than RollWorks itself. We took a slightly different route, shining our spotlight on Tier-II and Tier-III clients lurking in the conversion funnel, using direct mailing.

We zeroed in on accounts stuck in the mud for 35 days and delivered them a cleverly crafted 'Door Opener Kit.' More than just a physical notebook, this kit was a strategic guide dotted with client testimonials and detailed checklists to move forward.

It painted a compelling picture of the benefits of diving into the full-suite package RollWorks offers. And the proof was in the pudding, with a remarkable closing rate of 41%.

RollWorks: Your Partner in B2B Personalization

Here's where RollWorks comes in. Think of us as your co-pilot on the personalization journey. Our account-based platform is like the GPS that helps businesses pinpoint their ideal customer profiles, target the key players, and dish out personalized content like a pro.

With features like advanced audience segmentation, AI-generated personalization insights, and options to reach your audience wherever they are, RollWorks offers a streamlined, data-driven approach to personalization.

And we're not just blowing smoke — our clients have seen incredible results. One company used the RollWorks platform to help launch a personalized, omnichannel marketing approach and saw a jaw-dropping 200% uptick in engagement in one year.


How does personalization play out differently in B2B and B2C marketing?

Well, even though the end goal of customizing experiences is the same for both, the journey to get there takes a slightly different route. B2B personalization is like a team sport, where you have to understand and cater to different players in the game—the stakeholders of an organization. On the flip side, B2C personalization is more of a one-on-one match, focusing on the preferences and behaviors of individual consumers.

Does B2B personalization stop at emails and content?

Not at all! Think of B2B personalization as an all-you-can-eat buffet—it extends to all facets of the customer journey. Whether it's tailoring the website experience, customizing product demos, making customer service interactions feel like a friendly chat, engaging on social media, or even personalizing pricing models—there's a lot on the personalization platter.

What's the secret recipe for gathering data for B2B personalization?

Data collection for personalization can seem like a complex puzzle, but it doesn't have to be. You can gather pieces from customer interactions, track behaviors on your website or app, dig into your CRM data, tap into third-party data, or just ask your customers directly. And if you're thinking, "How do I make sense of all this?"—don't fret. Platforms like RollWorks can help piece together the puzzle and pave the way for effective personalization.

Isn't scaling personalization a tall order for small businesses?

It might seem like a steep climb, but with the right tools, even the highest peaks can be conquered. Technological advancements and smart marketing platforms like RollWorks are the Sherpas you need. They automate a chunk of the process, making personalization at scale more of a pleasant trek than an uphill battle—for businesses of all sizes.

How do I know if my personalization strategy is hitting the bullseye?

Well, measuring success is like taking the pulse of your personalization efforts. You can check the health of your strategy by looking at metrics like engagement rates, conversion rates, customer satisfaction scores, and the overall ROI. Just remember to keep these metrics handy from the get-go, so you can track your progress effectively.

What if I don't see results from my personalization efforts right away?

Don't panic! Personalization in B2B marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It's all about nurturing deep, lasting relationships—not chasing quick wins. If the benefits of personalization aren't showing up to the party right away, don't lose heart. Keep refining your strategy, continue crunching the data, and most importantly, be patient. Like fine wine, the fruits of personalization only get better with time.

Personalization: The Future of B2B Marketing

So there you have it. Personalization in B2B marketing is a game-changer. It's like the golden ticket that can supercharge customer engagement, crank up conversions, and build the kind of long-term loyalty that dreams are made of. Personalization isn't just the future of B2B marketing — it's the present.

We're throwing down the gauntlet to businesses everywhere: Embrace personalization. Tap into the powerhouse that is the RollWorks platform. Make the kind of deep, meaningful connections with your audience that fuel growth and success.

Because when it comes to personalization in B2B marketing, you're not just investing in a strategy—you're investing in a revolution. And trust us — you don't want to be left behind. Get started with RollWorks today!


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