Find the Buyers You've Been Missing with RollWorks' Hot Contacts

May 1, 2024

No matter the season, we all know the grind doesn't stop, especially when it comes to keeping businesses thriving. Marketing squads know this dance all too well – every day is a hustle to find that goldmine of quality leads without burning through your budget. So, to give you a leg up, we're super pumped to roll out the open beta of our newest lifesaver: Hot Contacts. It's here to help you dig up those hidden gems and keep your sales pipeline flowing smoothly.

Introducing Hot Contacts 🔥

As marketers, we all know the struggle of capturing high-quality, high-fit leads without form fills. Traditional methods fall short, leaving potential contacts invisible and potential profits on the table. No longer.

Hot Contacts is your solution to this long-standing challenge. It's designed to identify engaged, high-fit leads by revealing individuals exhibiting buying signals, but did not fill out a form. With Hot Contacts, we're empowering marketers to increase their sales pipelines by delivering more qualified leads to their sales teams, bypassing traditional opt-ins, and illuminating previously invisible contacts.

How Hot Contacts Works in Real Life ☀️

With Hot Contacts, you can now customize a dynamic contact list in RollWorks, applying filters and logic based on your lead targeting criteria. You'll see a detailed, up-to-the-minute list of high-intent leads, featuring everything from contact names, roles, and engagement details to event types. This valuable information will be directly accessible through Sales Insights within your CRM, arming your sales team with the knowledge and context they need to personalize their outreach efforts.

A real-world testament comes from our customer, Jason Clause at Ensight, who said, "RollWorks' Hot Contacts is exactly what we want. 41 over the last 90 days — that’s a lot of people for the Sales guys to be calling."

Accelerating Growth with Hot Contacts📈 

The world of business waits for no one. If marketers and sales teams want to succeed, they need to keep their eyes on all potential buyers. By using Hot Contacts, your marketing and sales teams can closely align to deliver optimal campaign efficiency, increase pipeline velocity, and close more deals faster.

With Hot Contacts, you can turn up the heat on your marketing and sales efforts, uncover hidden opportunities, and accelerate your success. We're audacious in our goal to help our customers succeed, and we believe Hot Contacts is a game-changer.

Discover Hot Contacts and get ready to bring a new wave of efficiency and success to your lead generation strategy. Because even when the economy feels uncertain, your lead generation strategy doesn’t have to be.
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