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Hacking Marketing & Sales Alignment Workbook

April 14, 2022

Marketing working one set of targets and Sales following up with another? Have no SLAs in place or custom, co-defined account stages? Lacking real shared goals or accountability? Well, you’re not alone — but if you don’t change it, problems will start cropping up. Let this workbook help you get ahead of it all. Inside you’ll:

  • Assess where your team lies today on a scale of basic to best (if you don’t know what’s broken, you can’t fix it!)
  • Discover the key pillars that make or break alignment, which leads to what we know all-too-well: not only relationship friction, but wasted time, effort, and negative business results
  • Get access to a series of templates and examples to help you achieve real success (e.g. how to co-define accounts, map journeys, create SLAs; KPI and campaign templates)

End of the day? You’ll be taking the ‘work’ out of teamwork & yes, being account-first is the way to get there. 

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