Product Snapshot: Hot Contacts

Feeling the pressure to deliver more leads?

Hot Contacts allows you to get the most out of existing marketing campaigns and initiatives by surfacing previously invisible, high-fit leads from your CRM that have engaged with your brand but have yet to complete a form-fill. Now, you’ll never miss another sales-ready lead. Watch a 3-min demo below

Uncover leads before and beyond form fills

Hot Contacts deanonymizes contacts from your CRM who have not completed a form-fill but are exhibiting high-intent buying signals. It allows you to uncover a whole new category of leads by revealing a list of contacts that have recently engaged with your brand by visiting your website or clicking on your ad.

By surfacing hot leads beyond the traditional form-fill, Hot Contacts optimizes existing marketing campaigns and activities by turning brand awareness initiatives into a lead gen machine, increasing the number of quality leads delivered to sales without needing to increase resources.

With Hot Contacts, marketers can:

  • Achieve lead gen goals quickly and boost pipeline efficiency
  • Maximize marketing efforts by uncovering more hot leads with existing resources
  • Increase the volume of quality leads delivered to sellers

Sales teams can:

  • Hit quota faster by focusing on high-quality, in-market, and engaged prospects
  • Book more meetings by personalizing outreach based on prospect’s engagement with your website and ads
  • Close deals faster by identifying and prioritizing buyers who are further down the funnel and closer to a purchase decision
Want to know more? Request a demo today or reach out to your Account Manager.
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