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The ABM Readiness Assessment: See where you rank and how to uplevel

You’ve seen plenty of content on account-based marketing (ABM). However, most ABM “playbooks” give one-size-fits-all advice, which might not apply to your unique challenges.

That’s why we worked with TOPO to develop The ABM Readiness Assessment. It’s a guide to help marketers understand how precise and robust their ABM strategy is. Because while ABM works, it works differently for everyone.

Download this guide, and we’ll walk you through your ABM readiness assessment. Once you know how you rank, we’ll give you tactical advice to help you take the lead and uplevel the specifics of your account-based strategy.

We'll help you assess:

  • How strong is your target account selection?
  • Do you have the resources you need to succeed?
  • Are your sales and marketing teams aligned for account-based plays?
  • Are you measuring what matters?

What you'll get:

  • RollWorks' ABM Readiness Assessment and unique output
  • Four chapters of tactical advice for upleveling, no matter where you're starting
  • Extra fill-in-the-blank templates and example action plans

About the Author

Caroline Van Dyke, Head of Content

Caroline is a B2B marketer with a knack for building start-up content strategies from scratch. With a passion for crafting the right message at the right time (and a good pun), she leads content for real marketers by telling their real stories. In the rare case she's not busy writing, you can find her consuming true crime podcasts, stand-up specials, and copious amounts of cheese.

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