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Cancelled Events: 7 Quick Tactics to Make Up the Demand Gap

That gut-wrenching feeling when an email with a subject line you weren’t hoping for hits your inbox. Event Cancelled. We’ve been there (hey, we are there right now) and that's what compelled us to wrangle our marketers together to not only see how we could fill our demand gap, but also help our community out in a time of uncertainty. 

With the help of our own team, some experts, and fellow marketers like Sendoso, we came up with 7 quick tactics you can take today to overcome a season without events. Here's what you'll get:

  • A few things to consider to set your budget right and be as prepared as possible
  • How to wrangle the right lists and get your hands on the audience you'd hoped to meet at events
  • Which channels to double-down on and steps to take to increase immediate impact
  • And finally, our very own playbook during event cancellation season that we want other marketers to have in their back pocket (we didn't let our booth go to waste, that's for sure)

Are you ready to join us as we band together and do what we can to rise above event cancellations? 

About the Author

Caroline Van Dyke, Head of Content

Caroline is a B2B marketer with a knack for building start-up content strategies from scratch. With a passion for crafting the right message at the right time (and a good pun), she leads content for real marketers by telling their real stories. In the rare case she's not busy writing, you can find her consuming true crime podcasts, stand-up specials, and copious amounts of cheese.

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