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What's Working in B2B Advertising?

July 17, 2019

While email may seem to dominate B2B marketing, display advertising has gained a deeper appreciation by marketing teams.. Research from Demand Gen Report shows that the majority (68%) of B2B buyers notice ads during the research process from the solution provider they chose. 


Of those who noticed the winning vendors’ ads, 37% of them said those ads positively impacted their view of the company.  As B2B marketing becomes more account-based, teams are able to get hyper-focused in their ad targeting, and thus, hyper-focused in their messaging. To help you learn more, RollWorks has partnered with Demand Gen Report to publish a report with deep insights into the current landscape of B2B advertising.


Download the report and learn:


  • The importance of first- and third-party intent signals for ad targeting 

  • Firsthand assessments from some of the most prominent B2B targeting and advertising experts

  • Tips and best practices to ensure marketing teams are positioning themselves to drive ROI from advertising campaigns 

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