Meet Journey Events: The Latest RollWorks Capability to Map ABM Activity to Impact

As marketers, we do a lot to try to engage our target accounts — especially the more 1:1 we get with them in an effort to accelerate pipeline. You pull all of the channels out of your toolkit, you try to time your engagement perfectly, and you bring in your sales team to make the best next move to close or upsell/cross-sell. That all sounds great in theory, but how do you actually connect activity to impact? How do you know what’s working, when it’s working, and why it’s working? 

While aggregate data on the journey progression or regression for all of your accounts is key (hello, Journey Stages), so is more granular data on those big-ticket accounts you’re putting tons of effort and investment toward. That’s why we’re launching RollWorks Journey Events and bringing you the latest enhancements to Journey Stages. Together, they power your go-to-market teams with the insights needed to measure the ABM impact on an aggregate and granular level.

What are Journey Events?

Journey Events pull time-stamped events from your tech stack combining those events with intent, engagement, and journey stage data contained within the RollWorks platform. Time-stamped events include activity like SDR emails sent, meetings booked, opportunities generated and more.

What are the Benefits of Implementing Journey Events?

Journey Events helps you to both visualize how marketing and sales activities drive account progression. Seeing how an account is influenced while moving through the buying journey allows you to understand what efficiencies drive buyers. 

These findings help you to turn data into actionable insights so your in the know of what needs be improved on across channels like:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Website
  • Sales Outreach
  • Events
  • Email Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Advertising

When marketing and sales are aligned, it’s always a win. Journey events enable both teams to work together more efficiently to drive accounts from unaware all the way to closed-won.

The Missing Measurement Link ABMers Have Been Waiting For

The buzzword ‘double click’ didn’t come around for nothing — there are situations where having more details help us make better choices, especially when it comes to high-investment accounts. We want to know what minor tweaks may move the needle, especially when those tweaks can create massive revenue and impact. Imagine that power at your fingertips. If you suddenly knew that sending a different email coupled with a different ad two days sooner could have generated substantially more engagement? 

Well, now you can know. We’re here to bring you that missing link.

While ABM has become more and more popular, we know marketers still struggle to measure the impact of multi-touch programs. With multiple buyers and multiple marketing and sales channels involved in an account’s journey, this comes as no surprise. 

But now, with RollWorks Journey Events, marketers no longer need to infer impact, they can visually map impact. Journey Stages helps teams of all sizes discover where their target accounts are in their buying journey, activate stage-specific multi-channel campaigns accordingly, and measure the effectiveness of their ABM programs. Journey Events gives teams a holistic look at all of their marketing and sales activities to show how their ABM program is influencing an account's progression. You can turn account progression/regression and activity signals into actionable insights that help you increase their pipeline velocity and capture the highest return on their ABM investment. Plus, your leadership and sales team will be able to see just how effective your ABM programs really are. 

RollWorks Journey Events TL;DR — What Can You Do?

  • Discover where target accounts are in their buying journey: See the distribution of your accounts on a dashboard, or drill down into account-level information.   
  • Create stage-specific program audiences: Use account stage attributes to create account lists in RollWorks for activation across channels.
  • Measure impact of your programs with account progression metrics: Run point-in-time comparisons to track progression and justify program spend.   
  • Visualize all of your multi-channel ABM activity in a single place: View account activity data like SDR emails sent and opened, meetings booked, opportunities open/progressed and deals closed from a multitude of data sources.
  • Understand what activities are driving account progression: See how account activity is affecting stage progression and which activities are most efficient at driving accounts forward.

Join Us On The Journey

As we continue to pave the way for marketers to have the insights and measurement frameworks they need to succeed, that means this isn't the end of our journey — there's even more to come. But as of today, Journey Stages and Journey Events are available to all RollWorks customers and anyone looking to ABMify their strategy. Additional functionality to gain deeper activity insights will roll out through the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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