Building Trust with High-Value Customers: ABM and Advertising Strategies for Financial Service Firms

Did you know 73% of high-value customers say trust in financial advisors is more important than ever? That's a stat you can't ignore.

In a world where financial services are a dime a dozen, standing out requires not just a handshake but a partnership solidified by trust. And here’s the kicker: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Advertising (ABA) are strategies financial firms are using to whip up strong, trust-based relationships with their high-value accounts. In this blog, we'll share how the financial sector is changing the customer relationship game.

Trust: The Currency of Financial Services

Trust, in the context of financial services, is multi-faceted. It encompasses reliability, competence, honesty, and empathy. High-value accounts, whether individuals or institutions, must believe that their financial service providers understand their unique needs and can offer tailored solutions that align with their goals and risk profiles.

It's about creating a vibe that says, "We've got you," proving your firm is as unique as the customers you serve. And how do you create that vibe you ask? With Account-based strategies.

ABM: Personalization Like a Pro

By focusing on key accounts and leveraging data to understand and predict customer needs and behaviors, firms can deliver highly targeted and relevant communications. This precision not only shows an understanding of each customer's specific context but also reinforces the firm's commitment to serving them as individual humans, not just as accounts. It's about being the financial guru who says, “I know what you need, and here’s how we’ll get it done.”

Customization for top accounts

Identifying who your high-value accounts are is the icing on the cake. But better. You get insights that are as rich in detail as your customers when it comes to readiness to buy, helping you tailor your services to match their exact needs. This identification process is thanks to our data-driven approach, which filters through hundreds of thousands of data points to uncover actionable insights.

Let’s dial down on how financial firms can really connect with their high-value accounts with this ABM play...

ABM Play: Your Financial Wellness Check-in

Objective: To offer personalized insights and recommendations that address the unique financial goals and challenges of each high-value account.

  1. Identify High-Fit Accounts: Identify high-value clients who have shown interest in specific financial services or have reached a milestone that typically prompts a financial review.

  2. Content Creation: Develop personalized financial health check reports that cover market trends, potential risks, and opportunities tailored to each account's industry, size, and financial goals.

  3. Engagement: Reach out to these accounts offering a one-on-one consultation to discuss their personalized financial health check. Ensure the outreach is highly targeted and resonates with each client's specific context.

  4. Sales Alignment: Equip the sales team with insights on each account’s engagement with the financial health check content, preparing them for informed and meaningful consultations.

  5. Follow-Up: After consultations, track account engagement and readiness to progress in their buyer journey, offering further customized advice or services as needed.

Advanced Advertising Strategies for Max Engagement

Keeping customers engaged is not just about the initial hello; it’s about continuously showing up in ways that matter. With account-based advertising (ABA) strategies, your firm remains a constant in your customers’ financial journeys, making every interaction timely and pertinent across multiple channels.

Being Everywhere (All the Time)

ABA takes targeting to the next level and thanks to the magic of machine learning and AI, your advertising campaigns with RollWorks aren’t just set and forget. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence means that advertising campaigns are continuously optimized for performance.

Here's an account-based advertising play to help get you started on investing your advertising dollars in an impactful way...

ABA Play: Let’s Talk Financial Planning

Objective: To increase awareness and engagement among high-value clients and prospects about custom financial planning services.


  1. Segmentation: Identify segments within your high-value accounts and prospects who could benefit from tailored financial planning services like retirement planning, tax optimization, or investment strategies.

  2. Creative Development: Create a series of engaging ads highlighting the benefits of personalized financial planning. 

  3. Targeted Advertising: Use RollWorks Account-Based Advertising to deploy these ads across digital platforms where your targeted clients are most active.

  4. Retargeting: Implement a retargeting strategy to re-engage visitors who showed interest in the ads or visited related services on your website, providing them with more detailed content or an invitation to a free financial planning event.

  5. Measurement: Track the campaign's impact on website traffic, engagement rates, and consultation requests and use these insights to refine future campaigns and further personalize your messaging.

Trust-Building, the RollWorks Way

In the financial services game, building trust with high-value accounts is the ultimate goal. With RollWorks’ ABM and advertising strategies, it’s like having a trust-building toolkit at your fingertips. It’s about showing your customers that not only do you understand their needs today, but you’re also ready to adapt to their needs tomorrow. And in doing so, you're not just a service provider; you're a trusted partner in their financial success.

Experience the RollWorks difference: account-based everything, made simple and impactful. Book your personalized demo now.

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