Introducing Journey Stages: Empowering Marketing and Sales Teams with Critical Insights into Account Buying Journeys

September 6, 2023 Mark Miller

With account-based marketing, it can feel like there are a lot of moving parts — and to be honest, that’s a good thing. You want your accounts to be moving (in the right direction) and deepening their engagement with your brand across channels. 

The only issue is, marketers start to struggle when there’s no command center to keep track of what’s happening within all of their accounts. With little to no insight into how your accounts are moving through their journey, you end up missing out on key opportunities to drive pipeline progression. Not only do you need to show your account’s buying journey so you can measure what’s working, you also need it to mine critical insights that inform what moves to make next. 

That’s why we’re excited to bring an unparalleled new capability, Journey Stages, to go-to-market teams looking to have more insight into the impact of their ABM strategy. We’re bringing you the direct view you need to understand where your accounts are, at any given time, in their complex, multi-channel journey across the entire customer lifecycle — from unaware to closed-won to expansion. 

What are Journey Stages?

Journey stages are when you can track the progression of your target accounts along their buying journey. You have the ability to customize data using multiple sources from your tech stack to help justify your spend.

Why are Journey Stages Important?

Marketing and sales outreach planning is now seamless thanks to clear insights on where your target accounts are in their buying journey.  This helps to gauge their purchase readiness so you can create stage-based audience and personalized programs.

What are the Benefits of Using Journey Stages?

There are so many benefits of using Journey Stages, a big one being data! Journey Stages enable you to dig deep into ABM metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of ad performance. Detailed ad campaign performance data is at your fingertips from each account to individual contacts and specific sales stages.

How Journey Stages brings essential view into account buying journeys

With the addition of Journey Stages, teams of all sizes can discover where their accounts are in their buying journey, activate stage-specific multi-channel campaigns accordingly, and measure the effectiveness of their ABM programs. The goal? To help go-to-market teams define stages of the customer journey, measure account progression, and understand key drivers of account progression. 

By collecting signals to map where accounts are in their overall journey and showcasing this at an account level versus a lead level, Journey Stages gives marketers templates and unparalleled insights to help plan and measure their ABM programs. Marketing and sales teams can also use Journey Stages to orchestrate multi-channel account-based programs targeting accounts within specific stages of the customer journey map. 

So, what can B2B marketers do with Journey Stages?

Marketers will be able to track the progression of accounts along all stages of the customer journey, using customized definitions for stages throughout the entire customer lifecycle (unaware, aware, engaged, etc.) using various data sources. From there, you’ll be able to identify segments that need attention or are doing well, and activate audiences based on those insights. 

For example, if a bulk of your accounts are ‘unaware,’ you may prioritize brand programs over lower funnel plays. If you see that a bulk of your accounts are ‘aware,’ you’ll likely focus on pulling them down the funnel with different offers. Essentially, you’ll have the information you need to toggle certain programs and budgets on and off at the ready. 

Ultimately, the insights that Journey Stages brings will help companies close more deals, faster, and drive revenue growth.

How it works

  • Customize stages and create specific journey definitions
  • Cultivate customer journey maps to target accounts in Journey Stages
  • Create baseline metrics of where accounts are on their journey
  • Activate programs against those accounts 
  • Track account progression over time

The journey ahead

As we continue to deepen our feature set, Journey Stages is only one step in a larger Account Journey vision. With our continued growth over the next year,  B2B marketers will continue to have a more complete suite of capabilities that put pipeline and revenue in the front seat. To learn more about Journey Stages, click here

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Mark Miller

Lead Product Manager @ RollWorks

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