Sun, Sand, and Strategies: How to Fill the B2B Demand Gap This Summer

Welcome to the season of sun, sand, and... the dreaded summer slump. Just when you thought you could kick back and enjoy those long days, engagement takes a nosedive, and out-of-office replies pile up. In this blog we'll help you turn the summer slowdown into a surge of strategic wins. Let’s dive into some effective and easy tactics to fill the demand gap this summer!

1. Ignite Your Funnel with Innovative Ads

Summer is a perfect time to get creative with your advertising. Potential buyers are flipping between relaxation and work emails, so grab their attention with standout ad formats. Dynamic creatives powered by machine learning tailor ad elements in real-time, making your ads evolve to captivate your audience’s changing interests.

2. Seize Micro-Moments

Summer is all about keeping things light. Your audience wants to sip iced tea, not wade through dense reports. Make your content digestible and enjoyable. Think quick polls, vibrant infographics, and short, snappy videos. Capture these fleeting micro-moments with ads that integrate into casual social media checks or quick email glances. Transform passive browsing into active engagement.

3. Ungate Content Assets

Increase your email campaign performance by ungating valuable content assets for your known database. Simply mark clicks or PDF viewers as ‘responded’ in your marketing automation platform. This boosts engagement and provides a frictionless experience for your audience.

4. Wake the Dead & Master PTO Bounce Backs

Out-of-office replies might seem like setbacks, but they’re actually goldmines for well-timed follow-ups. Track and manage out-of-office data with RollWorks to know when your contacts will be back. Personalize your follow-up messages to turn "see you later" into "welcome back" opportunities. Additionally, revisit closed-lost opportunities for potential quick wins. Consider sharing special offers or re-engaging accounts with no-ask touches, like an e-gift card for "dinner on us" via Sendoso. For more quick plays, check out our list of 20 useful re-engagement tactics.

5. Venture into New Digital Territories

Experiment with less crowded digital spaces like in-game ads, interactive mobile experiences, or VR content. By placing your brand in fresh environments, you engage tech-savvy audiences and set your message apart from the summer lull.

6. Prioritize High-Fit Accounts Amid Budget Cuts

Facing budget constraints? Focus on scoring and prioritizing your existing target account list to discover which accounts resemble your best customers. Allocate more resources to these top-tier accounts, which have a 2.5x higher propensity to close than others.

7. Automate High-Value Page Reports

Save time and boost efficiency by setting up automatic reports in Salesforce or HubSpot. These reports should highlight any known contacts who visited high-value pages, such as product overviews or pricing pages. Follow up with personalized messages based on this digital interest for quick wins.

8. Invest in High-ROI Channels

Avoid single line-item budget cuts during uncertain times. Instead, reinforce and invest in channels that drive incremental lift across all programs. Digital advertising, for example, can boost conversion rates throughout the funnel. Hyper-focus your digital ad investments on the highest fit and engaged accounts for maximum ROI, and automate personalization for extra relevance.

9. Offer No-Commitment Buy-In Packages

In uncertain times, flexibility can drive more deals. Offer limited no-commitment buy-in packages, such as month-to-month or three-month bundles. This approach attracts new customers without requiring long-term commitments, making it easier to close deals.

10. Push Qualified Leads Over the Edge

Drive a surge of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by targeting leads that are close to hitting the MQL threshold. Offer your most popular content to push them over the edge and stimulate more sales conversations.

With these tactics, you can turn potential downtime into your most dynamic season yet. Dive into our ABA Playbook or schedule a demo to see how RollWorks can help you turn up the heat on your summer campaigns.

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