RollWorks Gives Thanks for Top Honors From G2

As we dive into 2024, the vibe at RollWorks is electric with enthusiasm and a deep sense of appreciation for where we've been and where we're headed. At the heart of our journey? A rock-solid commitment to Customer Love!

It's all about the big wins and the little gestures that show our users how much they mean to us. And guess what? Our efforts have landed us in the top 10 of G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards, a moment that’s as much ours as it is yours.

The more badges the better! Just this past fall we also earned a whopping 101 G2 badges this fall, shining in categories like Best Results, Best Estimated ROI, and Easiest to Use. While our team’s hard work and dedication certainly helped us to stand out, this honor could not have been possible without the support and positive feedback from our customers.  

As the world's largest and most trusted software marketplace, G2's annual awards are a testament to the quality and impact of our account-based marketing platform. We are proud to have earned this recognition and remain committed to operationalizing customer obsession in the go-to-market process for B2B organizations.

4 Tips for Building Trust with Software Clients

We’re not just here for the humblebrag. These four big-picture takeaways are a good reminder of what it takes to build trust—featuring real-life testimonials from some of our happiest customers.

1. Usability and flexibility are paramount to getting started and staying the course

How easy is it for customers to get started or make changes once their programs are in play? Better yet, is your product adaptable enough (or evolving enough) to keep up with their needs? 

  • 'Rollworks is by far the most user-friendly yet advanced ABM advertising platform. It makes it so easy to target accounts & contact lists with significant efficiency. I love the analytics and reports that Rollworks gives you based on all campaigns and how accounts are engaging. Then digging deeper into account insights to see the customer journey, their intent data, and other contributing engagement metrics that could help us more easily identify the account we need to target. Their new Linkedin sync feature is incredible and has helped us decrease of CPL by 25x. It's a phenomenal platform and would highly recommend it to anyone!'—Digital Marketing Manager, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

  • “I appreciate how simple it is to set up and launch campaigns. You can be sure you're targeting the proper folks with an accurate algorithm. I really like how I can check on spending and efficacy on a regular basis and make any required adjustments. Customer service is really helpful, and you don't feel trapped in a campaign that isn't performing as well as you had anticipated; modifications can always be made.”— Inside Sales Executive, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “I love how easy it is to set up your campaigns and get started. I also appreciate how I can go in daily to check on spend and effectiveness and make any tweaks that are necessary. They provide a lot of guidance with their customer support and you don't feel locked into a campaign that might not be performing as you hoped, changes can always be made.” — Marketing Campaign Manager, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

  • “The platform is really easy to navigate, setting up campaigns is quick, the interface walks you through everything step-by-step. But what I really appreciate is the journey funnel view. This breaks down each target account list into three main categories: unaware, aware, and engaged. Here you can get a quick glance at how many accounts are in each category. This is really helpful in knowing when to hand a marketing lead off to our SDR team.” — Marketing Manager, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

  • “The ease of using the platform to achieve measurable results has been one of the best aspects so far. We were new to account-based marketing when we started using RollWorks to optimize and it's made creating and launching an ABM strategy a breeze.”— Healthcare administrator, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

  • “RollWorks gives great reports and insights while a campaign is running. This helps us a lot to make decisions and to focus on companies that we were not paying a lot of attention to before.” — Digital Campaigns Specialist, Enterprise (1000+ employees)

  • “The robust capabilities, dedicated account management, and design services make getting started with RollWorks not as cumbersome as it could be. Programmatic display is a monster, so it's worthwhile to have a vendor that acts as a partner in the process.” —Telecommunication Administrator, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

2. Data matters—but making sense of data matters more

The right data unlocks the most effective plays for your marketing team, but collecting or possessing that data isn’t the same as putting it to work.

To do that, you need an ABM platform that surfaces your target accounts in addition to their distribution through the funnel. 

Armed with this sort of data enables teams to identify in-market behaviors, find and engage high-intent accounts, and prioritize those accounts based on buying stage.

  • “RollWorks has given us new sources of quality top-of-funnel traffic that we can use to convert to marketing qualified leads. In addition, the rich analytics give us actionable, data-driven insights to help optimize along the funnel. With RollWorks, our sales team is challenged to keep up with the flow of quality leads coming through - a nice problem to have. We are getting more informed, personalized conversations with prospects thanks to the magic of intent topics - an incredibly impactful feature”.— Marketing Executive, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

  • “The reports and the ease of which you can export them is great. I'm able to share these insights with our business development team and ensure that we are taking some sort of action on them. Also, I love the ease of the way we can integrate with HubSpot so we can effortlessly ensure we are advertising to the same target accounts that our business development team is actively reaching out to”.—VP, Marketing and Client Experience, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

  • “We've been using RollWorks for over a year now and it has completely changed how we go to market with ABM campaigns at scale. The recent addition of Bombora intent data will help us continue to advertise through the cookie apocalypse.” — Administrator, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

  • “We are solving the problem of not running ads that are reaching the right people in our ICP. The majority of our leads coming in would fall out of our ICP and RollWorks helps us target the exact people that we know would be great customers. We never had insight at the account level at the engagement with our content and RollWorks helped us gain that insight and build a stronger target account list.” — Digital Marketing Manager, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “RollWorks helps you intimately target users from your targeted accounts list on multiple advertising platforms in a highly effective way. I also love the reporting capabilities of the platform, like the ability to really dig deep into the micro-interactions from accounts and contacts across your target account list.” — Digital Marketing Manager, Mid-market (51-1000)

  • “RollWorks has given us new sources of quality top-of-funnel traffic that we can use to convert to marketing qualified leads. The rich analytics give us actionable, data-driven insights to help optimize along the funnel. With RollWorks, our sales team is challenged to keep up with the flow of quality leads coming through - a nice problem to have. We are getting more informed, personalized conversations with prospects thanks to the magic of intent topics - an incredibly impactful feature.” — Anonymous marketer, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

3. Meaningful integrations are mandatory

Even the best marketing and sales plays can become cumbersome to intuit when sales and CRM data live in siloes.

  • “What I find most helpful about RollWorks is the direct connection to our CRM (in this case Salesforce) providing us with real-time campaign creation against strategic named accounts (ABM). This replaced a cumbersome and inefficient system of relying on an outside media agency to book media buys and build targeted campaigns that were not connected to our prospect data”.—Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Social Media Strategy, Computer Software, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

  • “As newcomers to an ABM strategy and digital advertising, the single platform that ties into our CRM and having one place to go for building audiences, managing budgets and campaigns, and accessing reporting and insights is really a nice plus for us.” — Administrator, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “The integration between Hubspot and RollWorks is seamless - even my sales team loves it!”

  • Sales insights is an awesome tool for the sales team to get alerts from spiking accounts in Salesforce. Amazing reporting.”

  • “I like the ability to bring in LinkedIn attributed to account-based targeting as well as post-campaign visibility into account activity.” — Anonymous marketer, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

  • “Easy integration with Salesforce and the ability to use Salesforce fields as parameters to choose who to market to and who to avoid. Even custom fields, which I love.” — Administrator, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “We have the integration with HubSpot set up and I use lead scoring to dynamically create the ABM list which auto-synchs to RollWorks. I can also see in HubSpot what accounts are being retargeted, etc. It’s a must-have in our marketing stack.” —VP Marketing, Small business (50 or fewer employees)

  • “We worked with their onboarding team to build out our initial campaigns and I was shocked at how quickly we were able to get our data from tools like Marketo and Salesforce into the system! The only slowdowns were on our end in getting the TAL and ads together.” — Software Administrator, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “The targeting we're able to get to with our campaigns is unparalleled. Between looking at intent based on pages viewed, layering in in-house marketing/CRM data, and RollWorks' proprietary AI, I'm confident our ads are being shown to the correct people.” — Director of Demand Generation, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

4. Customer support and success go hand-in-hand

Onboarding, account management, and ongoing product support—if you can nail these critical strategic functions, you’re well on your way to differentiating your offering from the competition.

  • "The CSM & Account Management support we receive from Rollworks is truly second to none. They're responsive, proactive, and our team comes out of each meeting with a clear understanding of next steps, and how that translates to deliverables for them, and for us (Demand Gen & Marketing Ops). Thank you for all you do!"—Marketing and Advertising Executive, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

  • “I had limited ABM experience before using RollWorks, but our account manager has made it so easy to not only get up to speed but also dive into performance and ways we can optimize our accounts/targeting. — Anonymous marketer, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “I was a long-time marketer with no direct ABM experience. Taking on my new role, I was suddenly required to closely manage ABM. The team at RollWorks was extremely helpful in their onboarding, explaining both how to use the product and how to communicate about it internally.” —Software Administrator, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “Support has been great from the initial stages of vetting the product all the way through where we are now, two months after our playbooks went live. We've moved from sales to onboarding to our account manager seamlessly. There has been a lot for us to learn, but they take intentional steps to ensure that we feel comfortable with the tool and have all the resources we need. I like that they have tailored our playbooks to fit our level of experience and our goals, so anyone from beginner to expert could use the product.” — Marketing Manager, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “Most companies say they are customer-obsessed, but it's the standout few that go above and beyond for their customers. These are the companies that distinguish themselves over the long term because a customer doesn't feel as if they are just a wallet to be mined for cash. The service we receive from our RollWorks success team is just what you hope for when you choose a technology partner. Smart, friendly, and above all, responsive.”— VP Marketing, Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

  • “One of the best things about RollWorks isn't the platform, it’s their account management team. If you’re on their standard plan or more you get a designated account manager that sets up a meeting cadence to review performance, brainstorm changes, and pull more in-depth reporting. As a very small marketing team, this has been invaluable!” — Marketing Manager, Small business (fewer than 50 employees)

Maintaining our rep

Trust is everything in B2B relationships—especially when one company indirectly relies on another company’s platform to drive revenue.

We take this charge seriously. As we look to the future of RollWorks, we plan to extend the usefulness and flexibility of our platform so that we can continue to help marketing and sales teams of all sizes extend the effectiveness of their reach.

Experience the RollWorks difference: account-based everything, made simple and impactful. Book your personalized demo now.

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