Marketing Operations: The Heroes Behind MarTech

There is a foundational powerhouse to every successful business. It ensures processes are reinforced and all things tech-related serve a company’s overall digital marketing strategy. More often than not, this particular team (or person) goes unseen, busy behind the curtain. 

Well, it's time to reveal these unsung heroes—say hello to Marketing Operations! 

In this article we’ll dive into why Marketing Operations (MOps) are so important to any business and with the help of MarTech, they can do their job even better.

What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations, often referred to as MOps, is a team that uses technology to operate the overall marketing strategy of a company. They see everything through the lens of revenue and are also referred to as 'RevOps’. MOps oversee all GTM initiatives to make sure cross-functional teams (marketing, sales, AND customer success) operate effectively and optimize their tech stack to its greatest potential. 

In the past, MOps may have been seen as someone (or a team) managing marketing technology and automation platforms alone, but now they’ve been elevated to an indispensable force at the core of so much decision-making and directly impact the effectiveness of programs. 

Much like an oil change, bad oil will make your car run poorly. The same goes when it comes to MOps, bad data will only result in bad outcomes.  

A Life Without MOps 

Without MOps, the likelihood of your data living in silos is GREAT.  And as seasoned marketers, we know that's anything but good. This is what you can expect when your org is missing MOps:

  1. Multiplier Effect is At Major Risk: Marketing and sales initiatives will have less of a compounding effect and will be misaligned in effectiveness.
  2. Measuring Success is Difficult: It will feel almost impossible to measure the drivers of success across the buyer’s journey—(not fun, right?).
  3. Budget is Misspent: It will be very difficult to know where to double down on efforts and decide where investments will make an impact.

MOps to the Rescue

MOps is often at the helm of managing all the systems that work together across your tech stack. Let's face it, if the data doesn't speak to each other, nothing is working! 

They ensure better alignment between GTM teams — marketing and sales. This alignment further improves the ability for sales, SDR, customer success,  and marketing teams to identify the “right” accounts at the right time. MOps also ensures coverage for all sellers with a fair distribution of accounts, quality of accounts, and how closely new accounts align with your company's ICP.  

MOps & MarTech

With an abundance of account data to prioritize, the MOps and MarTech marriage creates more efficiency for teams by automating an overload of data.  In many ways, MarTech validates the upfront investment in a MOps team leading to a downstream impact, because time is money. 

MarTech empowers MOps teams to:

  • Engage accounts 

  • Create more effective, personalized content to both court and win customers

  • Shorten sales cycles

  • Improve productivity, communication, and collaboration company-wide

  • Measure and analyze data  

Why do you rely on MarTech? To drive both efficiency and effectiveness.  So the last thing you want is clunky, miscommunicating systems. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for just ‘one’ tool that can’t meet all of your needs to avoid this. Meet integrations! Without integrations, your life (and programs) will be a headache. 

Here’s an example of how to leverage a bi-directional sync between your CRM Data and an ABM Campaign:


The power of multiple tools, without the work? Talk about some new free time to take care of you (or that email inbox, let’s be honest).

Better Workflows Ahead

It’s been proven time and time again, MOps is 100% value-focused (hello, heroes). They are always looking for better workflow automation to serve marketing and sales teams with better alignment and lead management. Not only does this help in closing new deals, but marketing technology uncovers newfound workflows that unlock innovative ways to increase current customer satisfaction and retention along the way.

But that’s not all folks, getting started with MarTech ( marketing techology) is just the beginning. To really move forward full steam ahead, it's critical to understand the significance and power of each channel and recommended tools to potentially include in your MarTech stacks.

For key examples of how each channel and tool can be used in real business scenarios, download our latest guide to make the most of your multi-channel MarTech stack.

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